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Anime stuff

Assist Type

Strike Pursuit

Yu's attacks are melee and she is a pursuit type. So if you leave her behind she cannot hit anything. This can also be used to your advantage when she is near the opponent instead of you.


Cut the Crap!「いい加減にしいや」
D - Recharge time: 2.1 seconds

Yu swings a giant fan down, hitting the opponent if she is close enough. Will give untechable knockdown against grounded opponents, but is far more useful for the groundbounce it gives you against airborne opponents or on counterhit.

G-Pen of the Gods「ゴットGペン」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 3.3 seconds

Yu unleashes a fiery barrage of close range attacks, with roughly the same range as her fan. It lasts quite a while and will pick people up OTG. You can attack opponents who are being juggled by this move but be careful that you don't push them out of it before it ends. Each hit also has damage scaling.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

E52[ピーチ] E52 [Peach]
B97[セルリアンブルー] B97 [Cerulean Blue]
P99[ペールピンク ] P99 [Pale Pink]
R39[カーマイン] R39 [Carmine]
R77[プルシャンブルー] R77 [Prussian Blue]
V51[パンジー] V51 [Pansy]
Y54[マリーゴールド] Y54 [Marigold]
G75[アクアミント] G75 [Aqua Mint]
K00[インクブラック] K00 [Ink Black]
Y66[トリックグリーン] Y66 [Trick Green]
G38[プリンセスシエナ] G38 [Princess Sienna]
W33[カーディナル] W33 [Cardinal]





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