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The Kung Fu Master Jackie Chan
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The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan is the prequel to Fists of Fire, released several months earlier. The three Jackie Chan characters are not playable without cheats, instead being relegated to bosses in the arcade mode.

Differences from Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire

Visual/Aesthetic Differences

  • Nearly all colors are different, besides Admiral Jackie and M. Lion color 1
    • The Jackie Chan characters only have 1 color choice, since they were not meant to be playable
  • HUD changes (timer, character portraits, health bars, no Super meter)
  • Stages do not change between rounds (different colors, time of day)
  • Mortal Kombat-style "Finish Them" screen upon winning a game
    • Taunts can be used as an "animality" finisher on the opponent
  • Different arcade mode progression; you can select opponents in any order, with a Jackie Chan fight being unlocked after every 2 wins

System Differences

  • Inputs: 236 (QCF) moves are more strict, requiring the diagonal
    • Several moves have more complex inputs, like Kim's Desperation/command throws or Drunk Dragon
  • Timer: round length significantly longer (~68 seconds instead of ~41 seconds)
    • In-game, the timer appears to be 99, but has a faster tick rate
  • Double-KO can happen if a projectile connects after the initial KO hit
  • All 3 versions of Jackie Chan are unplayable without cheats
  • Many special moves from Fists of Fire were not present in KFM, or have different properties
    • Especially true for projectiles, which were largely removed in the sequel
  • No Super meter, instead using "Desperation" attacks at low health
  • Overall gameplay speed is much faster (walks, jumps, move animations)
  • Attacks tend to have far more active frames
    • In particular, jumping light normals are almost always active until landing
  • No juggles; opponents are completely invincible after air knockdowns/resets
  • No rolls on wakeup, and no way to affect your own wakeup timing
  • No invincible Getup Attacks on wakeup
  • No OTG (off the ground) attacks on knocked down opponents
  • No grounded overheads, and very few command normals in general
  • "Self-Chain" light normals work much differently
    • LP and LK can repeatedly chain into each other
    • Followup inputs cannot be input during hitstop/blockstop, making the timing much more strict
  • 5LP is proximity normal, with no Autocombos afterward
  • No "mashable" special moves
    • Kim-Maree's HP Throw is the only attack that can be mashed for more damage
  • Sweeps cause a soft knockdown, significantly changing their utility
    • They are also not cancellable, with the exception of Lau
  • Air heavy normals do not "spike" opponents to the ground
  • Crouching and crouch blocking hurtboxes vary significantly between characters
    • This causes many high attacks to have character-specific interactions against crouchers


  • 236P (Fireball) is a true projectile
  • 623P (Uppercut) recovers much faster
  • 2HK grants a soft knocks down
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 236K (Tatsu)
    • 6HK (Overhead)


  • 236P is not an overhead, but shoots an angled projectile
  • 63214P (Crane Wings) cannot be mashed for additional hits
  • 5HK is a proximity normal
    • Far 5HK is like her Fists of Fire 6HK but not an overhead
  • Air 2HK (Pogo) cannot continuously juggle into itself
  • 2HK causes a soft knockdown
  • Birds do not surround Yeung (visual effect only)
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead) -- although animation still exists
    • 6HP (Bo Thrust)
    • 41236K (Flip Kick)


  • Special moves require 60f (1 second) of charge
  • 2HK gives a soft knockdown
  • Slash Sword is a forward-moving projectile; [4]6P input
  • Scissor Kick is [2]8K input instead of 46K
    • Much safer on block, but hard to use in combos that don't start from a jump normal
  • Desperation input is [2]8KK instead of 646KK
    • Moves straight forward with no "buzzsaw" animation
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HP (Overhead)
    • 6HK (Mid Kick)
    • 28K (Gatling Kick)


  • 2LK gives a soft knockdown like a sweep
    • This makes it impossible for Sam to combo after a low opener
  • Thousand Spears is a Mash P input rather than 236P, with additional mashed hits possible
    • Is nearly useless in combos due to large pushback, and lacks the followup strike from Fists of Fire
  • Rekkas hit High~High~Mid instead of High~Mid~Overhead, and require 236K motion for each followup
  • Divekick input is 6HK after starting a walljump, rather than 214K
  • Desperation is 5 hits with no overhead ender, unlike Fist of Fire's 6 hits with 2 overheads
    • Hitboxes are much higher, causing Sam to hop over some crouching characters
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)


  • 2HK gives a soft knockdown
  • Air Throw (j. 6HK/4HK) cannot be done after an air reset
  • 28LP (I Want You!) does not knock down against grounded opponents
  • Command Throw input is 41236K instead of 236K
  • Desperation input is 6,41236KK instead of just 41236KK
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)
    • Hold cl.5HK (Overhead)
    • 3HP/1HP Crouch Throw

Mysterious Lion

  • 2HK gives a soft knockdown
  • Mighty Cape command normal can be done with 4HP as well as 6HP
    • It also hits crouchers, making it much safer to attempt a back throw
  • 646P (Lion Crusher) cannot be mashed for additional hits
    • Because of this, the LP version is always unsafe
  • 236P (Lion Bomb) functions differently; now explodes on contact rather than after a set distance
  • Desperation transformation is much faster, making it hard to punish on reaction
    • The drone assist also comes down much faster
    • The mini transformation can end while Lion is mid-air, allowing for some tricky jump mixups if timed properly
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)
    • 3HP/1HP Crouch Throw
    • 63214P/K (Teleport)

Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie

  • Not playable (CPU-only arcade boss)
  • One-Two Punch command normal can be done with 4HP as well as 6HP
  • No Desperation attack
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)
    • 63214K (Command Throw)

Drunk Jackie

  • Not playable (CPU-only arcade boss)
  • 236P (Jug Throw) hits directly as a projectile, rather than upon splashing the ground
  • Drunk Dragon input is 63214,6P instead of 63214P, and does massive stun on hit
  • Desperation is completely different than his Fists of Fire super
    • Enters an invincible 5-second long drinking animation that powers up his attacks
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)
    • 236K (Tricky Kick)
    • 28P (JackieCopter)

Admiral Jackie

  • Not playable (CPU-only arcade boss)
  • Has a grounded, duckable fireball with 236P
  • Air 41236P is much faster, with no landing recovery
  • No Desperation attack
  • Unavailable Moves:
    • 6HK (Overhead)
    • 41236P (Dragon Palm)

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