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Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire Heads-Up Display

JCFoF HUD2.png

① ― Health ・ This bar displays your current stamina. When it depletes, you are knocked out.

② ― Round Count ・ Represents won rounds with a yellow and black taijitu (yin-yang symbol).

③ ― Round Timer ・ This timer shows how much time is left in the round. The timer starts from 30, with 81 frames equaling one in-game second.

④ ― Super Meter ・ When this bar fills up, characters have access to their Super. There is no other use for this meter. Holding HP or HK charges meter quickly and with very little recovery, and most other actions also build some meter on hit, block, or whiff.

⑤ ― Mash Indicator ・ When this appears, you can mash buttons and directions in order to wake up more quickly, do more damage on certain attacks, or resist mashable damage from the opponent's attack. Note that mashing attack buttons quickly is much more effective than mashing directional inputs, although they do stack upon each other to some degree.

⑥ ― Win Streak Icon ・ Appears above the character that won the most recent match, indicating how long the current winstreak is. The other player will have "Challenger !!" written above them instead

⑦ ― Longest Combo Indicator ・ The number of hits of the longest combo each player has performed. Does not reset in between rounds or games.

System (Basic)
System (Advanced)
Kung-Fu Master
Drunken Fist Jackie
Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie
Admiral Jackie
Mysterious Lion