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How do I play the game?

You can download the game through this mega link. After downloading the game, extract the zip file using any extraction program. Use jconfig.exe to set the controls, dgvoodoocpl.exe to set the resolution, and game.exe to start the game.

Is it safe?

Nesica emulators are not meant for PCs, so they will be picked up by antivirus software. It is safe, just make sure to whitelist/allow the game and its files, or disable your antivirus temporarily. Keeping the original folder is a good idea just in case.

game.exe won't start

Try deleting the folder and re-extracting the files.

What buttons do I set?

You'll need a start button, directions, and buttons 1 2 3 4 (A B C D respectively). You can set coins to zero by clicking the settings tab at the bottom of jconfig buttons, if you want to use dpad instead of analogue stick. If you want to play with macro buttons, you can bind buttons to a keyboard and use a program like JoyToKey to bind keyboard keys onto your stick or controller in order to bind multiple buttons.

jconfig detects wireless controller and automatically binds a button

When mapping controls for some controllers, hold down the button you want to use on your controller BEFORE you double click the control you are trying to set. When mapping directions, you have to use the analog stick. If you would like to use the dpad, map the analog stick first then check the checkbox labeled "POV Sends AxisXY".

If the problem persists, unplug all controllers from your computer and map your buttons to your keyboard instead. You will have to use JoyToKey to make your controller emulate keyboard inputs.

How do you play online?

Through Parsec, or something similar, to connect to someone's PC directly.

What's the tier list like for this game?

There have been many discussions on the relative strength of the characters over the years, with the main consensus being that everyone is viable, and that Pure is the worst character in the game by far.

Primer of Duel (Page 58)

S: Asuma, Pekomaru

A: Reizei, Nina, Eve, Kureha

A-: Kuon, Dusk, Judgement, Rebellion

B: Dawn, Shiffon

C: Noah, Licht

C-: Yui, Souya

D: Pure

Daemon Bride