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link S-Bernie is an up close brawler type character, trading a bit of Bernie's traditional range for armor and an overhead command normal.
Pros Cons
  • Long Range: Bernie has long pokes, which can allow him to contest opponents in neutral.
  • Command Grabs: S-Bernie gets a 2 command grabs and a command grab super, giving him some nice mixups. Additionally, grabs deal more damage based on his chip count.
  • Armor: S-Bernie has multiple moves with armor, which allows him to get in on zoning.
  • 5 Framer: Quickest button is 5 frame startup. (Technically he has a close normal with 4 frame startup but it has low range.)
  • Reversals: S-Bernie's only reversal super is his grab super or level 3.


Trait "Trial of the Mental": Bernie’s Craze Technique and Counter Hits will start a Dice Roll. After 2 Dice have been rolled, Bernie and his opponent’s next attack will cause a Counter Hit, and reset the Dice. If both Dice are the same number, the next attack is a Dire Counter Hit instead, unless Bernie is holding 2 Ones. If Bernie lands a Counter Hit with two rolled Dice, he will gain Chips equal to the Dice total. If he is hit, he will lose that many Chips instead. These Chips increase the damage of Spine Apathy followups and Wake The Pharmacy.
Health 1000
Mobility Run

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Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech