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link C-Emi exists
Pros Cons
  • Metered Mixups: C-Emi has extremely potent mixups with half a bar. A fast cross up, a slower cross up overhead, and a same side low all starting from the same animation.
  • Metered Damage: C-Emi has strong confirms whenever she has half a bar.
  • Health: Emi has 125 less health than average, tied for the lowest in the game.
  • Meter Reliance: C-Emi has more of a reliance on meter than most, meaning she needs to be building that bar in order to access her best features.


Trait "Ninpo Teleport Application": Emi’s specials can be performed with Teleport Applications using LP + SP or LK + SK, at the cost of half a bar of Adrenaline.
Health 875
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech