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link L-Emi is a bit more of an all rounder, with the ability to slow the pace down or play extremely aggressively.
Pros Cons
  • Mixups: L-Emi has access to a low and overhead special, along with a teleport which can be either airborne or grounded.
  • Screen Control: L-Emi can occupy many parts of the screen at once, using projectiles, enhanced specials, and teleport.
  • Health: Emi has 125 less health than average, tied for the lowest in the game.
  • Finicky Combos: L-Emi has great combos and confirms, but they rely heavily on game state which means she can't always get great damage.


Trait "The Cursed Sword, Shinigami-Oni": Emi’s sword causes a Soul Fragment to be pulled out of the opponent. Her moves can be enhanced with this soul by hitting them with her specials or SP normals.
Health 875
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

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