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link S-Emi exists
Pros Cons
  • Damage: S-Emi has easy access to combos through both 5CT and 6CT.
  • Mixups: S-Emi has great overheads and crossups to open up opponents.
  • Health: Emi has 125 less health than average, tied for the lowest in the game.
  • Purple Health Management: S-Emi C-tech moves cost Purple Health, which she does not regenerate naturally. This means that using them liberally will leave her low on health.


Trait "Out Of This World": Emi does not regenerate Purple Health automatically, but heals it proportionally to the damage she deals. Certain actions give her Air Control, allowing her to change direction in midair by holding forward or back.
Health 875
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech