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link S-Jane Bane exists
Pros Cons
  • Neutral: moves such as 5SP, 2SK, and her iceballs allow her to wall out opponents with ease.
  • Arcemides' Advance: Jane's craze tech, "owl", is the reason to play S-Jane. She can zone with it, meaty with it, extend combos with it, or even convert stray hits into full combos from it. It is by far her most versatile move.
  • Anti-Airs: While her anti-airs are not best in class, they serve their purpose as the opponent will presumably be jumping frequently to avoid Jane's fantastic ground options. She also has a decent set of air normals for air-to-airing.
  • Slow: Jane's biggest weakness is most likely her speed. She doesn't have a run, her jump is floaty, and her core moves are all slower than average
  • Tall: as with all tall characters, there are situations on defense that other characters don't have to even worry about.
  • Bad Defense: Both of these negatives (on top of the fact her fastest attack is 5 frames) makes her defense pretty poor.
  • No Reflector: This one probably hurts the most. Both C-Jane and L-Jane have a move that reflects projectiles and can act as a combo extender mid screen via a wallbounce. These are things that S-Jane would've appreciated.


Trait "Freezer Burn Creep": Ice moves build Jane’s Frost gauge. If an attack would increase this gauge to full, the Frost is consumed and the opponent is locked out of health regeneration for a brief period. If the triggering attack hits, the opponent is put in a Frozen Dire Counter state.
Health 1000
Mobility Dash

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech