Battle Craze!!/Lucy/C-Side

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link C-Lucy is a semi puppet character
Pros Cons
  • Unblockables: 236CT throws Asmos in the air and it hits overhead, you can move during this and dash in and do 2LK for a low making this setup deadly.
  • Screen Control: With Asmos detached you basically control that part of the screen. You can do 236P for an overhead or 214K for a low.
  • Below Average Damage: Her only combo extender is with Asmos detached.


Trait "Asmos": Lucy’s staff weapon, Asmos, can be connected and disconnected through her Craze Technique, which changes how her moves function. Atmos Awake glyph moves can only be used while Asmos is connected, and Atmos Asleep glyph moves can only be used while Asmos is disconnected.
Health 1000
Mobility Dash

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech