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link L-Teri is a close range rushdown character who excels at being close to her opponent and vortexing them.
Pros Cons
  • Mixups: L-Teri is bountiful in mixup potential, due to having lots of crossups, an overhead special, and tick throws.
  • Dashes in Pressure: L-Teri has a teleport command dash as her C-tech, which gives her really strong mix she can slip into her blockstrings.
  • Anti-Zoning: L-Teri can easily maneuver around projectiles with her C-tech.
  • Low Health: Teri has 50 less health than average.
  • Combos: L-Teri has very short, low damage combos.
  • Slow:She's a bit of a slow character, so she can struggle to get in in a lot of cases.


Trait "Inner Demon": Non-standard throws grant Teri Feral stacks. Pressing CT during certain moves will consume a stack and cause her to perform a unique follow-up, noted by the claw glyph. Teri’s dashes are teleports, which can be lengthened or shortened by holding forward or backwards. Holding up will cause her to appear in midair instead.
Health 950
Mobility Dash

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech