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Zangetsu, Ogichi or Hollow Ichigo is the manifested spirit of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakutō (His Sword) as well as his inner Hollow. He is a powerful spirit that was born when Ichigo Kurosaki underwent training with Kisuke Urahara to regain his shinigami powers. His relationship with Ichigo represents the idiom "two sides of the same coin," or (more appropriately) the philosophical concept of yin and yang. Unlike other hollows, who are the central villains of Bleach, Hollow Ichigo plays the role of the anti-hero who eventually becomes Ichigo's greatest obstacle and ally as the plot progresses.

In Bleach Dark Souls, Hollow Ichigo is a rushdown-based character despite having such good defensive tools aswell as offensive. He sports high damage far reaching normals and specials that lead to very safe interactions and he can offer some good pressure and baits from afar. His combos mostly consist of easy magic series TAFS loops into repetitions of his SuA and most of his normals (combined with his speed.) allow for easy conversions into his BnB. His defense (health) is under-average but he is still EXTREMELY well-rounded, and is a great high-teir pick for beginners.


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+ Great Mobility.

+ Flexible Flash Step Type.

+ Great offensive and defensive tools.

+ Great damage output

+ High damaging and far reaching lows.

+ Not very meter reliant.

+ Really good fullscreen specials.

+ Incredible Install.

- Under-average defense (health).

- Okizeme is really half-baked along with the fact it requires RF meter and good stage positioning to be anywhere reliable. - Very Punishable Level 1s.


(His Normals are very similar to that of Ichigo's. However, some of them have very slightly altered framedata/hitboxes, and different animations, mostly consisting of hollow ichigo using one arm to swing the sword rather than the two Ichigo would.)



5L Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
27 frames 9 frames 6 (Average defense)

Ogichi raises his arm slightly then quickly butts you with the hilt of his sword.

  • Mid
  • Very Fast but not the best option at close range.
  • Lless horizontal range and more vertical range than Ichigo's 5L.
  • Will hit smaller characters unlike ichigo's.
  • Only reason you'd use it is as a fast 'anti-air' of sorts but 2H does it a lot better. Use 2L instead.
5M Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
32 frames 13 frames 8 (Average defense)

A quick frontal slash.

  • Mid
  • Decent normal in general, but compared to the rest of Ogichi's kit, has no real reason

to use outside of a combo. Do 2M instead.

5H Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
43 frames 17 frames 10 (Average defense)

Ogichi raises his arm then does a strong downward slash from above.

  • Mid
  • Decent range and space along with high damage, but 2M goes much farther (and is faster) and 2H works as a much better

anti-air as well as being jump cancellable. Do not use this outside of combos.


2L Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
26 frames 9 frames 6 (Average defense)

Ogichi reaches his palm downward toward the enemy.

  • Low
  • Great speed and extremely good at close-range.
  • Goes slightly farther than his 5L and Regular Ichigo's 2L
2M Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
32 frames 13 frames 8 (Average defense)

Ogichi does a crouching poke with his sword.

  • Low
  • His BEST grounded normal, GREAT Reach and damage and can be converted into a combo with use of a Flash Step at ANY RANGE of contact.
  • Amazing normal at midrange. Very safe poke.
2H Duration Startup Damage Properties/Description
44 frames 20 frames 10 (Average defense)

Ogichi does a strong upward slash from below.

  • Mid and Launcher
  • Great Anti-Air with good damage, however it is not to be abused. Its really punishable on whiff. Use it to punish IADs.