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Bleach Dark Souls/Ichigo

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Ichigo LargePortrait.png


Ichigo Kurosaki used to be your ordinary 15 year old kid with a twist, the man could see ghosts!! Despite this, his lifestyle wasn't very different from your ordinary highschool teenager, however, after Rukia, a mysterious shinigami, saw him shirtless, his life changed forever. Now a Substitute shinigami, he fights Hollows in the name of justice, friendship and his dead mother.

In Bleach Dark Souls, Ichigo is the premier shoto of the game, sporting a very well-rounded and simple set of tools that allows him to deal with almost any situation. An easy top tier that does not need to excel at much to be a real punch in the gut. Recommended for beginners.



+ Flexible Flash Step Type.

+ Great offensive and defensive tools.

+ High Skill Ceiling

+ Incredible Install.

- A lot of things about him are very very okay: This includes:

  • Mobility
  • Defense
  • Damage Output
  • Flash-step distance


All Damage Values listed on the following moves were done on Ichigo (Average Defense.)