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Koihime Enbu

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Koihime Enbu
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Ver 1.13


Unknown Games (arcade)

M2 (console)

BaseSon (arcade)

Degica (console)


PlayStation 4 (JP)
PlayStation 3 (JP)
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Frame Data (JP, EN)

JP Wiki
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Koihime Enbu is a fighting game by BaseSon and Unknown Games and the sequel to Shin Koihime Musou. This version of the game kept the previous systems intact and added three new characters: Bachō, Gakushin, and Shūtai. The console/PC ports have a single player mode called "Scenario Mode" only available to this version.

Wiki Roadmap

90% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Main page has links to all versions of the game.
  • General pages have small but helpful content.
  • Full frame data on wiki as of ver 2.12.
  • Move images for all characters + strategists.
  • Combo videos for all characters.
  • Small gameplan sections for all characters.
  • External links for all characters for Twitter tech and full frame data spreadsheet.
  • Character categories are in place and all images are properly categorized.
  • Shin Koihime Musou files and pages have also been categorized.
  • Expand Recommended Assist section under Gameplay for most characters.
  • Add more written combos, both normal and Hougeki.
  • Some images for EX moves missing like Sonken 214, Kannei 623, Shonshoukou 214, Shuutai 236/632146, Ryofu 236/623.
  • Rename files to numpad for easier sharing across different game versions.

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