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Melty Blood/MBAACC/Caster/Guide

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Installing Caster

  1. Download CCCaster. <link>
  2. Take all of the files inside the downloaded file and put them directly in your game folder (the folder with the MBAA.exe program).
  3. ...

Playing offline

First, play offline to test your setup.

  1. Open "cccaster.exe". (Make sure all Melty Blood Actress Again games are closed.)
  2. Navigate to "[4] Offline", or press the 4 key.
  3. Select desired way to play.
  • "Couldn't find MBAA.exe!": All of the files inside of the cccaster zip should be placed in the same folder as the MBAA.exe program.
  • "Game closed!": MBAA is probably already running on your computer.
    • Restart your computer.
    • Or open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), go to Details, and look for and End all instances of "MBAA.exe".

Setting up controllers

Once you have verified that the game works, you can set up your controllers.

Troubleshooting: [link]


One player needs to host the game, while the other player needs to join.


  1. First, find another player to play with.
  2. Open Caster.
  3. From the Caster main menu, go to "Netplay".
  4. Type in a port.
  5. Select a mode: Versus or Training.
  6. Your connection details are now copied. You can paste them to the other person (using e.g. a chatroom).
    1. What you paste should be a bunch of digits with three periods and a colon, like this:
  7. Once the other person connects to you, Caster will say <message>.
  8. Enter the delay<glossarylink> and the rollback<glossarylink>.
  9. The game should then open.

Troubleshooting: [link]


  1. Open Caster.
  2. Get the IP and port from the other player.
  3. From the Caster main menu, go to "Netplay".
  4. Enter the connection details you got from the other player. It should look something like this, but with different numbers:
  5. Once you successfully connected, you should be prompted to enter the delay<glossarylink> and the rollback<glossarylink>.
  6. The game should then open.