Bleach Dark Souls/Controls

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Relative to a DS, the controls are as follows:




7-Back Jump


8 in the air-Double Jump

66/44 in the air-Air Dash

(see Notation)

Y=Light or L

X=Medium or M

A=Heavy or H

B=Flash Step or FS

Attack+Attack=Grab (can be done in the air)

R=Guard (Only useful for special inputs) you can Hold 4 or 3 to guard/low-guard

L=Line Switch (Not allowed and can be disabled in Room Creation)

Select+Direction = Taunt

Attack+Flash Step(During Hitsun)= BURST for 1/3 meter

Special Input on block= Guard Cancel

Flash Step on block= Guard Step


A motion + an attack will result in a SPECIAL or SUPER based on the character being played.

Example: 236236L or 41236H (see Notation)


Bottom Screen (Cards and Shortcuts)

These Specials and Supers can also be done by tapping the shortcut on the DS's bottom screen. However, these are NOT RECOMMENDED for use for the following reasons:

  • There is a cool down which does not exist when doing the motion.
  • If you have RF meter (see in System), it uses the RF version of a special, which will use take a flash step and RF bar from your meter.
  • If you have no RF meter, it will do the medium version.
  • For Supers, it will always do the heavy version.
  • The last three can be categorized as 'Lack of Control'.
  • Can not be accessed on most controllers.

The touch screen also offers use of the Deck/Card System which will not be written about. It's optional and fairly broken/unpredictable.