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Bleach DS uses the standard FG health system. However, the universal health value is 255 and each character differs in Defense. The list below will show a character's defense bracket based on how much damage they take by Ichigo's LMH magic series. This is in order of Most Defense to Least. Lower Damage = Higher Defense.

Character Damage Taken Defense Bracket
Sajin 13 Over-Average
Kukaku 15 Average
Tosen 15 Average
Gin 15 Average
Aizen 15 Average
Don 15 Average
Bonnie 15 Average
Soi Fon 15 Average
Momo 15 Average
Hitsugaya 15 Average
Rukia 15 Average
Rangiku 15 Average
Kyoraku 15 Average
Chad 15 Average
Ichigo 15 Average
Renji 15 Average
Kenpachi 15 Average
Hisagi 15 Average
Ikkaku 15 Average
Uryu 15 Average
Kisuke Urahara 15 Average
Ukitake 15 Average
Izuru 15 Average
Byakuya 15 Average
Yamamoto 15 Average
Yorouchi 15 Average
Ganju 15 Average
Mayuri 15 Average
Nemu 15 Average
G.Fisher 15 Average
Menos G. 15 Average
Hollow Ichigo 21 Under-Average
Yachiru 23 Under-Average
Hanataro 23 Under-Average
Ururu 23 Under-Average
Orihime 25 Low
Shreiker 27 Low
Tatsuki 31 Low
SReaper 31 Low
Kon 33 Really Low
Ririn 33 Really Low
Nurse 33 Really Low
Familiar 33 Really Low
Yuichi 33 Really Low


Special attacks and Supers can be done by inputting a specific motion then pressing an attack button. Specials can be done at any point, while Supers require 1-3 meters to do. Most Specials/Supers consist of 236, 623, 41236 and 22 motions. (Notation) Example: Ichigo's 236L.

ichigo's 236l

or Hitsugaya's 236236H

hitsugaya's 236236h

Specials and Supers can be done in reverse to output the same special backwards. Example: Renji's 641236H being done in reverse (463214H) within a combo, in order for it to hit.

Renji's Level 3 in Reverse

If the Heavy version of a Special is done, it will result in the EX, or in this game's terms, 'RF' version of the Special. This will take both an FS bar and RF bar from your RF/FS Guage but only requires an RF Bar. (see RF/FS Gauge section). This will usually either increase the damage or speed/framedata of the special. Example: Hollow Ichigo's 236H (RF)

ichigo's 236h RF-Increase in Recovery and Startup. No difference in Damage or Range
Hollow Ichigo's 236L and 236M

Some specials however, are RF only or RFO. In that they cannot be used without the requirement of an RF bar. Eg. Byakuya's 41236x.

byakuya's senbonzakura


In this game, the maximum amount of meter that can be acquired is THREE (3) Bars and it is used for SUPERS and DAMAGE CANCELS


Level 1 Supers, usually being SuAs and SuBs require one (1) bar of meter. While Level 3 Supers, which can be SuB's or SuC's require three (3) bars of meter. Example: Renji's Level 3, which was previously shown in the Specials and Supers Sub-section.


Bursts/Damage Cancels

Burst or Damage Cancel

Bursts or Damage Cancels require 1 meter. They are used to exit combos, pushing the enemy off of you with a discharge of spiritual pressure. You are invincible for an extremely short period of time after bursting, enough for you to be able block again. However, they have very limited range, and flash steps are immune to them.


Flash Steps function as teleports and at the same time roman cancels. They're used to extend combos, better movement, mixups and evasions when blocking. All normals can be cancelled into a flash step on hit or on block. An example of a Flash Step:

Ichigo's 4FS AND 5FS

There are 5 Types of Flash Steps:

  • Flexible Flash Step- The most common type of flashstep. Can be done in all directions and in the Air. Invisible throughout.
  • Binary Flash Step- Can only be done in two directions but can still be done in the air and ground. Visible throughout.
  • Ground only flash Step-Can only be done on the floor in a back and forward direction. Visible throughout.
  • Armored Flash Step-Has super armor, usually combined with another type. Will grind through EX moves, but doesn't mean they can't be punished by them. Visible throughout.
  • Special Flash Step-Any flash Step that breaks an established rule of flash steps.

MOST flash steps have an incy bit of recovery and can be easily punished by meaties.

MOST flash steps are immune to normals but aren't immune to EX moves. Every flash step has a different range and speed, so make sure to learn them all as they can affect nuetral and combos to a pretty large extent.



The RF/FS gauge is used for RF Specials and Flash Steps. RF Specials use one (1) RF bar and one (1) FS Bar but only require an RF bar to be done. Flash Steps use one (1) FS Bar.

When you use an FS bar, it will recover quickly if you are standing, crouching, walking or running on the floor. If you are attacking, or in the air, its speed will be reduced greatly.

FS bars will only recover if the RF bar its within is filled. RF bars increase extremely slowly and unlike FS bars, the speed cannot be altered via a change in state.


This game uses the general low and overhead mechanic seen in most FGs. Low attacks eg. 2L must be blocked low. (1) Mid attacks eg. 5M can be blocked low or high.(1 or 4) High attacks or overheads eg. JH must be blocked high. (4) Every attack can be blocked in the air however locks are susceptible to grabs. You can block instantly while running.


Grabs can be done on the air and on the floor and are used to punish blocking attempts. The universal grab input is attack+attack. Menos grande is the only character in the game who does not have the ability to grab but at the same time lacks the ability to be grabbed aswell. Characters have a specific amount of grab invincibility on block, on hit and on wakeup, making tick grabs a very difficult act. Every character has a different grab (most of the time in terms of frame data.) Most grabs will cause wallbounce, some will launch and some do more damage than others.


Guard cancels can be done on block to avoid and escape pressure and to punish attacks. There are three types of guard cancels.

  • Custom Guard Cancel: (Attack+Direction+FlashStep) - Will do a normal, or if a Super motion is done prior, a super (Uses appropriate meter). Takes an FS bar from your FS/RF Gauge.
  • Guard Step (Flash Step) - Will do a flashstep in whatever direction you please/is possible. Takes an FS bar from your FS/RF Gauge.
  • Special Guard Cancel. (Special Motion + Attack) - Will do whatever Special move you please. Free.


Normals cancel into each other on block and on hit universally using the zig-zag magic series. This being:

5L > 2L > 5M > 2M > 5H > 2M

In the air, normals can chain together via the regular magic series. This being:

J.L > J.M > J.H

MOST lights are self-cancellable.

All normals can be cancelled into a flash step, special or super.

ALL launchers are jump-cancellable.

ALL non-projectile specials are super-cancellable.


When knocked down, you have the ability to:

  • Do nothing: Fastest wakeup but no positional advantage.
  • Hold left: Isn't as fast, an invincible jump to the left, can be used to escape oki, but at the same time can be predicted and lead you into oki.
  • Hold right: Isn't as fast, an invincible jump to the right, can be used to escape oki, but at the same time can be predicted and lead you into oki.


Timer: Player with the most health wins. IF there is a tie in health points, it will be considered a draw and the match will end.

Rounds: All matches are 1 round.

Jump height, speed, damage and defense will differ for every character.

You cannot die from chip in this game.

Super cutscenes can be skipped by pressing START.

Lines and Cards: Aren't used and can be disabled when creating a room.

Touchscreen Shortcuts: Can be used but is not necessary and can actually be detrimental.