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Creates a simple collapsible table for listing players, their region, and some notes.

Uses the branch template Template:PlayerListEntry to add a row.


PlayerList Parameters

Prefix of character color files to use on this table
Size of the character images. (Defaults to "100x100px")
Shows Template:PlayerListDisclaimer at the top of the list. Do not set to "no" unless absolutely necessary. (Defaults to "yes")
Start the list as collapsed. May warranted if player lists get long.
Field to enter Template:PlayerListEntrys.

PlayerListEntry Parameters

Color suffix for the character image file. Usually a number.
Freeform wikitext field for the color column. Will ignore color if present.
The player's display handle. Add the player's links here as well with wikitext.
The player's region based on codes in Template:FlagName.
The player's status. Freeform wikitext field. Should use something like, Active, Inactive, Unknown.
Freeform wikitext field for notes on this player. Though you are able to leave this field blank, it is highly suggested you have something in this field to help explain the reasoning to list this player.

Guidelines for "Notable Players" lists

First and foremost to readers: These lists are in the hands of the editors at the time of writing the page and are in no way comprehensive. If there are any questions or concerns of player listings (or lack of), please try to reach out to your community's channels.

If this template is to be used for a Notable Players list, we ask that players that are included fulfill at least one of these criteria:

  • The player has tournament or "high-level" match footage available for public viewing.
    • Though it is a plus, the player does not necessarily need to win matches, but play in a way that other players can use for reference.
  • The player is actively playing the game and is known for "high-level" play and possibly willing to play matches with other players.
  • The player has had reference footage positively cited in a character's notes or research.
  • The player has provided extensive and clean documentation on a character and is known to be knowledgeable on technical details.
  • The player is available in a public space (i.e. a Discord server) to ask about technical knowledge on a character.

Other things to consider:

  • Do NOT rank players. These lists should be used to provide readers a list of players they can use for reference, not to judge their absolute skill.
  • List players in alphabetical order, unless there is an outstanding reason to change order. This may help prevent any confusion with these lists being a form of ranking.
  • The players included should not be "toxic" community members and they should have respect for other players as well.
    • Players cited for their content (i.e. personal YouTube videos, tournament footage, or guides) should have the content hosted in a respectful environment.
    • Toxicity may lead to delisting at bureaucrat discretion.
  • Avoid adding yourself to these lists. If you really wish to do so, make sure to consult other players first.
  • If a player asks to not be included or removes themselves, please respect their choice and do not include them.
  • Be mindful as this list is prone to change, stagnation, or even inaccuracies, as the player-base is always changing.


  |name   = [[User:SageVarq|SageVarq]]<br>https://twitter.com/sagevarq
  |color  = 1
  |region = US
  |status = Inactive
  |notes  = Mizuumi Wiki Bureaucrat

Disclaimer: This list is derived from community input and is in no way comprehensive or a form of ranking of any kind. Our community criteria can be found here.

Usual Color Handles/Links Region Status Notes
United States
United States
Inactive Mizuumi Wiki Bureaucrat

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