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Local Wiki Buearecrat for Mizuumi Wiki.

I play video games and sometimes edit this wiki whenever I get enough motivation.


To do

  • Cargo
    • Background color to movedatacargo
    • Investigate flex issues with image pane
    • Change version cell to manual subtitling like in old attackdata template.
      • Maybe also deal with text using unicode in this field for some reason? Probably not needed after above change.
    • Add tooltips to atfackdatacargo-uni
    • Add manual input field to image pane?
    • Hitbox image toggle
    • Documentation for move data implementation (In progress)
    • Change hold icons
    • Format image portion background color to match table headers
    • Change MoveDataCargo to use individual queries for frame data tables
  • Experiments
    • Skullgirls-like Frame data blocks Lua
    • Tabbed pages?
    • Extension CharInsert through MediaWiki:Edittools

Responsible for

  • Helping make generic templates to use across Mizuumi
  • Documentation for (mostly UNI-related) Templates
  • Generic Navbox icons


Generic Templates

Game Specific Templates

Under Night In-birth

Acceleration of Suguri 2