Touki Denshou Angel Eyes

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Touki Denshou Angel Eyes
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Arcade (June 1996)

PlayStation 1 (December 11th, 1997)
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Touki Denshou Angel Eyes is a 2D Fighting Game developed and published by Tecmo. The game was released in Japanese arcades in June 1996, before being ported to PlayStation in December 1997. Visually, the game is notable for its style of mixing 2D hand animated sprites with 3D prerendered character models. This creates a jarring shift in animation quality between the characters in the game, though this has no effect on the gameplay.

Mechanically, however, this game is infamous for its reverse damage scaling. Contrary to standard fighting game design, the longer your combo continues, the more damage you do. This leads to a variety of incredibly high damage/Touch of Death combos that can be converted off of nearly any hit.

The game also boasts a wide variety of air movement options. Every character has access to 4 jumps, and can air dash, homing dash, and can cancel air momentum out of each jump. Certain characters also have access to forward dashes that put them airborne, allowing for dashing instant overheads, akin to the Darkstalkers series. These mechanics all combine to create a uniquely fast-paced game with a variety of aggressive movement and offensive options where any mistake can cost the round. Sporting an all female cast, with a variety of other unique, absurd, and VERY BROKEN moves and mechanics, this proto-anime fighter is an experience of its own.

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