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One Piece: Daikaizoku Colosseum has 101 assists total that make up many of the One Piece characters in the series. Assists are split into different point groups called GP (1-7), which when selecting playable characters creates a GP limit for assist selection. Characters vary from status buffs, to combo extensions, to mix up potential and even more.

1 GP Assists

Vergo (ヴェルゴ)
OPDC Vergo Assist.png
Demon Bamboo
Damage Startup Recharge Time

Appears behind the player, swinging his bamboo sword around and slashes in front of him, causing the opponent to fly towards the wall into a sliding knockdown.

  • Has an extremely short range
  • Best used when you want to bring the opponent towards the corner
Nefertari Vivi (ネフェルタリ・ビビ)
OPDC Nefertari Vivi Assist.png
Princess of Alabasta
Damage Startup Recharge Time

Vivi appears in front of the player and grants them an attack boost that lasts three seconds.

  • It's a small increase, but being a 1 GP assist means she recharges quickly for plenty of use.
Koala (コアラ)
OPDC Koala Assist.png
Former Slave
Damage Startup Recharge Time
600 (2 Hit)

Appears in front of the player and punches the opponent. If the punch connects, the opponent will get hit by a second air punch.

Shirahoshi (しらほし)
OPDC Shirahoshi Assist.png
Giant Mermaid Princess
Damage Startup Recharge Time

After activation, she will reduce the opponents super meter by 10%.

  • This move also causes a knockdown state
  • This move also is unblockable
Rebecca (レベッカ)
OPDC Rebecca Assist.png
Ex Princess and Gladiator
Damage Startup Recharge Time

Counter assist. If the opponent strikes her, she will throw the opponent behind her causing a sliding knockdown.

  • Can be picked up with an OTG for a combo.
Mansherry (マンシェリー)
OPDC Mansherry Assist.png
Dwarf Princess
Damage Startup Recharge Time

She flies in on a bug soldier and drops two dandelions that restore a little bit of health.

  • Also restores the opponents health if they catch one.
Momonosuke (モモの助)
OPDC Momonosuke Assist.png
Heir of the Kozuki Family

(Not pictured here)

Damage Startup Recharge Time

He summons a dragon that flies around the screen that hits the opponent, but also hits you as well. Not a very useful assist in the long run.

Elizabeth (エリザベス)
OPDC Elizabeth Assist.png
Damage Startup Recharge Time

Rushes in and kisses the opponent, causes them to lose 20% super meter.

  • Fun fact: In the anime he was named Elizabeth, in the manga he was known as Tibany.
Haredas (ハレダス)
OPDC Haredas Assist.png
Nami's Mentor
Damage Startup Recharge Time

Will float across the top of the battle screen and when it is over the opponent, he will send down rain which will cause the opponent to slow down for 5 seconds.

  • The rain is unblockable.
Gloriosa (グロリオーサ)
OPDC Gloriosa Assist.png
Elder Nyon
Damage Startup Recharge Time
Jewelry Bonney (ジュエリー・ボニー)
OPDC Jewelry Bonney Assist.png
Big Eater
Damage Startup Recharge Time
Marguerite (マーガレット)
OPDC Marguerite Assist.png
Archer of the Kuja Tribe
Damage Startup Recharge Time

2 GP Assists

3 GP Assists

4 GP Assists

5 GP Assists

6 GP Assists