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Kudlak comes from a long line of magicians and is the last to know the secret of magic (if you ignore all the other characters who are magic). When growing up kudlak lost interest in magic and pursued science and technology instead, but then he decided to go back to magic and now he wants to use the unlimited power of the Chaos Code to make the world worse as revenge for... something.


Health : 27500 Stun Threshold : 75

Kudlak is a character that specializes in zoning tactics. He can summon sacrificial dolls to aggressively control space, act as shields, or hinder the opponent's approach. He also has access to tools that are just not anywhere else in the game, like a jumping low, stealing meter/health, and a guard cancel.

Run vs Step

Run : Run is the most common bounce, simply because Kudlak doesn't really benefit from the step cancels. His pressure is geared more towards pushing the opponent away than trying to get in


Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Damage : 300 Stun : 2

Kudlak snaps his left fingers, creating a red glowing slash that is his jab. Minimal damage, sweep range (fantastic for a neutral jab). Can be cancelled into any neutral and crouching normal.

5B - Damage : 300 Stun : 2

Kudlak snaps his right fingers to summon a zombie that attacks with its arms from the ground. This move is a standing low that reaches to the kneecap, low damage. 5C, 5D, 2C, 2D cancellable.

5C - Damage : 700 + 700 Stun : 3 + 3

A bigger version of 5A in the form of an intertwined red wave. High damage, can be used as an anti-air because of its large rectangular hitbox. 2 hits with decent recovery.

5D - Damage : 500 + 800 Stun : 5 + 6

Kudlak summons two zombies that lunge into the opponent and knock them down fullscreen when midscreen and wallsplats in the corner. Even though the zombies appear on a height from the waist upward, they can hit crouching opponents too. Slightly lower damage than 5C, 2 hits.

2A - Damage : 300 Stun : 2

A zombie comes off the ground, stabbing the opponent with his drill on his hand. Fast startup, slightly shorter range than 5A, but has the same damage. 5B, 5C, 5D, 2B, 2C, 2D cancellable.

2B - Damage : 400 Stun : 2

Same zombie attack with a diagonal upward drill this time. Small range, same range as 5B. 5C, 5D, 2C, 2D cancellable.

2C - Damage : 1300 Stun : 4

Kudlak does an upward slash, almost like an uppercut. Similar horizontal range and damage as 5C. Mediocre startup with slow recovery but its range is useful for situational anti-airs. 5D, 2D cancellable.

2D - Damage : 1400 Stun : 6

A zombie appears from the ground, hugs the opponent’s feet, causing a knockdown. Mediocre startup with fast recovery, its range is the same length as the Chaos gauge

j.A - Damage : 600 Stun : 2

Mid-Air version of 5B with the zombie reaching horizontally and closer to Kudlak. Fast, same damage as 5A. The horrible vertical hitbox and great horizontal hitbox makes this only useful in air-to-air situations

j.B - Damage : 500 Stun : 2

Similar to j.A, but this time the zombie reaches diagonally downwards. Unlike jA, this move is awesome for jump-ins and IAD approaches, and is also a great combo filler.

j.C - Damage : 800 Stun : 4

Similar to j.B, but with two zombies. The hitbox is not wide, but taller. Same frame speed as j.B, causes less damage than 5C.

j.D - Damage : 500 + 500 + 966 (1000 without scaling) Stun : 3 + 3 + 7

Similar to j.A, but with two zombies for a 3 hit air normal. The new upper zombie adds more reach to the attack. This could be considered as Kudlak-Sin’s widest normal.Last hit knocks the opponent back. Great damage and Stun for a normal move.

Command Normals

Betray (6B): Damage : 800 Stun : 2

A zombie appears on sweep range that pushes the enemy on Kudlak’s side (if it hits). Can be cancelled into any Ultimate / Destruction Chaos.

Special Moves

Note : Unless stated otherwise, Kudlak can never have two dolls of the same type on the screen at the same time. Most of them have a cooldown period before disappearing that must be taken into account.

Bubble - 236A/B/C/D

Damage: 2500 (EX : 1200 + 1200) Stun: None

Kudlak summons a zombie torso that claws at the opponent at a set range

  • A version : Summons the torso at one character's length from Kudlak : repells the opponent on hit
  • B version : Summons the torso at two characters' length from Kudlak : sucks the opponent back on hit
  • C version : Same as A version, but at three characters' length
  • D version : Same as B version but at four characters' length (roughly fullscreen)
  • EX version A+C  : Summons A then C version. If the first hit connects, chances are that it will combo into the second hit
  • EX version B+D  : summons D then B version. If the first hit connects, chances are that it will combo into the second hit

Weak - 22B/D
  • B version : Summons a swimming zombie torso that doesn't hit but pushes the opponent back. useful for positioning when used with Bubble and Passion. Does not have a EX version.
  • D version : Same as B version, but the zombie goes faster.

Passion - 214B/D

Damage : 2500 (EX : 2000) Stun : 5 (EX : 4)

Summons a zombie-like doll that walks forward. Once the opponent is in range, the doll "explodes" and releases spikes from his torso. If the doll doesn't detect anything after having walked for a while, it explodes on its own

  • B version : The doll walks forward slowly
  • D version : Same as the D version but faster
  • EX version : The doll goes as fast as D version, but appears faster, stays on the screen longer, and wallsplats the opponent upon contact. It also has an hitbox just when it appears, so you can use this first hit in combos or as a ghetto defensive tool. Has a longer cooldown period than the normal version.

Misanthropy - 214A/C

Damage : A : 2752 C : 3435 EX : 3380 Stun : A : 8 C : 18 EX : 13

Kudlak dashes forward before slashing at the opponent with his hand.

  • A version : Kudlak dashes forward (about two characters' length) before slashing.
  • C version : same as A version but dashes at about three characters' length before slashing. Slower startup, but juggles grounded opponents on hit.
  • EX version : C version with an additional hits that grants a hard knockdwown. It is possible to pick the opponent from the little ground bounce for a combo

Confession - 623A/C (air OK)

Damage : 2500 (EX : 1000 + 2000) Stun : 6 (EX : None)

Kudlak summons a stationary doll in front of him. A and C version are roughly the same. crumples grounded opponents and makes them enter a freefall state on air hit(works like Tactical Guard).

  • EX version : The doll hits once when it appears and then performs the stab automatically. Unlike the two other versions, It's not useful for zoning, but is a staple in most of Kudlak's BnBs

Extra Specials

Surrender - 632146B/D

Damage 2915 (5 hits) : Stun : 8

Kudlak grabs the opponent and let his zombie doll pierce him/her with its arms before slamming him/her on the ground. It is a classic command grab, from which you can combo in the corner. B and D version are the same.

Envy - j214B/D

Damage : 3500 Stun : 5

Kudlak snaps his fingers to summon doll arms coming from the ground. The doll arms only appear roughly half a second after the inital animation. Overall an amazing all-purpose special because of the frame advantage, space control and juggle opportunities it grants.

  • B version : Summons the dolls in front of Kudlak.
  • D version : Summons the dolls behind Kudlak. Useful for surprise cross-ups.

Ultimate Chaos

Passive - 236236A/C

Damage 5495 : (13 hits) Stun : None

Kudlak pierces his own stomach to unleash a red ring around him. If the rings hits, the opponent is grabbed by countless dolls and gets some of his life stolen. A and C version are the same

Weep - 236236K

Damage : 3898 (4 hits) Stun : 10

Kudlak summons a doll that fires a huge stake at ground level. The stake effectively goes fullscreen . Wallplats on hit. B and D versions are the same. Very useful for space control and sees some uses as a combo tool

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Atonement - 214214A/C

Damage 7620 : (15 hits) Stun : None

Kudlak summons a doll that creates a magic tornado. Sends the opponent very high in the air before wallsplatting them on the last hit. Has some invincibility on startup.

  • A version : Summons the doll just in front of Kudlak
  • C version : Summons the doll a little farther away

Doubt - 214214B/D

An Install super. After the super is performed, You cand dash forward or backward on block up to three times by inputting A+C with the desired direction. An icon above the meter gauge indicates how many dashes you have left. Relatively useful, but you'll need to forsake either Atonement or Envy for it.

Destruction Chaos

Tree of Life - 2363214A+C

Damage : 14541 (41 hits) Stun : None

Kudlak dashes forward and performs two hits. if the second connects, he then pierces the opponent's stomach with his hand before summoning a tree of Blood that hits multiple times. It's a pretty classic Destruction Chaos with a good range too boot.


  • Note 1 : In pretty much any combo involving high jump cancel followed by jA/jB>jC>jD, you can replace the air chain by 5D to get a fullscreen knockdown.
  • Note 2 : Classic enders for Kudlak are

-jc>jC>jD>jc>jD after jD (3 hits)

-214214P after jD(2 hits)

-5D after jD(2 hits)



2A>5B>5C>6B>236A or 214AorC

2D(Counter hit)>2B>2C>9hjc>jA>jC>jD> ender

632146K>2C>236BorC or214A 

J214K>2A>2C>jA>jC>jD> ender

EX Skills

2A>5B>5C>2A>5C>6B>214KK>214C>hjc>JC>JD> ender


632146K>2C>214PP>2A>2C > air chain or 5C>5D

Ultimate Chaos

Exceed combos

6B>214A>EC>2C>214PP>236236P>AB>6B>5D(1 hit)>214A>214214P>236D>2B>2C> air chain or 5A>5D


6B>214A>EC>2C>214PP>236236K>6AB>2C>236236P>6AB>6B>2C> air chain or 5A>5D



  • Console Versions: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
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