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Infighter vs. Outboxer

Introduced in a patch, Infighter and Outboxer are modes that give different buffs to your character.


  • You do 1.33x damage and take .5x damage while in INFIGHT.
  • You passively gain meter when standing in front of the opponent.
  • You lose 33% less endurance in all situations.
  • You can guard cancel into Strong attacks.


  • Your animations play at 2x speed after an evasion.
  • Your counterhits do 1.5x damage.
  • Your walkspeed and backdash speed is increased.
  • You cancel into a backdash from a block or a strong attack.

In addition, there is also Old Style, which has none of these buffs.


With a few exceptions, KO's can only be done by using a strong attack, or during a combo with no weak attacks. This rule is ignored during INFIGHT.


Pressing C puts your character into a defensive state. For a short period any attacks will be evaded, indicated by the character flashing white, and if you continue to hold C you will start guarding instead. Evading cannot be done after being infighted or after blocking an attack. Holding guard against Assault Infight may result in guard break, which is indicated by your character being stunned and temporarily turning grey.

By pressing C and holding either up or down, your character will parry any attacks for a short period. A parry is only successful if the attack hit direction corresponds to the direction of the parry. If the parry whiffs or is unsuccessful, the opponent's hit will become a counter hit.

Counterhits + Backstub

If you're hit with a strong attack while performing an attack, or if you fail a parry, you're counterhit. Counter hits add bonus damage and give increased hitstun, allowing you to follow up with a strong combo or go behind the opponent.

Backstabs, or backstubs as they're called ingame, apply when you hit the opponent from behind.

With one exception, Counterhits and Backstubs are the only ways to induce heartbreak in GoF2.


Dashing into the opponent while holding forward will cause Infight. The opponent will become temporarily stunned, which allows you to start a combo. A timer will appear over your character's head, and when active, combos become much more freeform. During Infight:

  • Some strong attacks can be cancelled into weak attacks.
  • Strong attacks can be parry cancelled.
  • Weak attacks during a combo will no longer invalidate a strong attack KO.

Being wallslammed during INFIGHT is supposed to OHKO you. However, there's no footage of this, and it doesn't seem possible to replicate.

Assault Infight

6CC, or Assault Infight allows you to cancel an attack animation into an INFIGHT at the cost of 1 bar. This has a number of applications, such as extending your combo, allowing your combo to KO if it used a light, breaking through enemy parries, etc.


For those who have played Melty, it's sort of similar to that. Resisting not only reduces the damage you take in a combo but also allows it to end sooner.

Pushing A or B will have you do Type-A Resist. This focuses on reducing damage. Pushing C will have you do Type-B Resist. This focuses on allowing you to recover faster.

Ender Control

Gleam has slight directional influence when it comes to getting hit. Holding back or forward as you're being hit allows you to influence the amount of knockback you take. This can potentially allow you to place yourself out of range of an opponent's followup.


Burst (aka Heroic Bomber) is performed by pushing 4CC as you're being comboed or infighted. Performing burst will wallslam the opponent. However, this does not activate the OHKO on infighting opponents. Bursting takes 1 bar, but will sometimes randomly take 2. We don't know why either.

After you burst, your character icon will flash blue and display "COOL DOWN". During this state, you may not burst again.

Endurance Gauge

Because nothing in Gleam is consistent, the Endurance Gauge exists. In short, the Endurance Gauge decides how much hitstun you take from attacks. Certain moves only combo at specifics endurance levels, while some only combo during Heart Break.

Generally, weak hits deplete 10% endurance while strong hits deplete 75%. Some attacks do not damage endurance. Blocking a weak hit is still 10% and blocking a strong hit takes 50% endurance off.

You can't go below 0% endurance unless you're counterhit or backstubbed.

Heart Break

Heart Break is a state when you enter when a Backstub or Counterhit puts your endurance below 0. While in Heartbreak, your meter will slowly replenish to 0, then jump to 100%. Blocking or getting hit stops Heart Break replenishment.

While in Heart Break, your hitstun taken is severely increased, and you're unable to parry cancel or burst.


When the timer runs out, three judges will appear on screen to decide the winner of the round. Various statistics are gathered and generate points, which decides the winner. These are:

  • Hit Points
  • Def Points
  • Rush Points
  • Number of Counters
  • Total Damage
  • Match Advantage (spelt Mutch Advantage in-game)
  • Home Town Decision

Status Effects

Gleam of Force has 2 status effects that some characters can apply:


Small sparks will fly off your character, slowing down their inputs in set intervals


Does damage over time and obscures your character

Kanae Kinoshita
Futaba Date
Papeko Imagawa
Ammy Akechi
Minami Maeda
Makoto Sanada
Ashita Tokugawa
Yukie Chosokaba
Madoi Takeda
Ruki Uesugi
Negai Kinoshita
Katsuko Hosokawa