Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II/Mike Haggar

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"They keep sending boys into the ring instead of men!"

The Mayor of Metro City, The Brap Master himself, Mike Haggar. Haggar plays pretty basically; no crazy mix-ups or anything here, just solid buttons and even more solid damage off of them. He has a very spammable 66LP which leads into infinites and multiple other combos too which is the main payoff for playing as him.

Normal Moves

Running Moves

66LP | Running Light Punch
Damage ?/? 1f
RingDest Rasta 66LP 1.png
RingDest Rasta 66LP 2.png
RingDest Rasta 66LP 3.png
RingDest Rasta 66LP 4.png
RingDest Rasta 66LP 5.png
Hit Advantage
Block Advantage -
Chain Cancel No/No
Special Cancel No/No
Run Cancel No/No
Start/Active/Recovery Frames 3 8 8 10

Haggar runs with a shoulder tackle. Outside the corner, this move combos into itself, and is easier to do that with big bodies. In the corner, it's usually easier to combo into this with a 2LK or a 2LP. You can also combo INTO 2LK after a 66LP. Infinites against crouching foes in the corner.

Special Moves

46P | Angry Hammer

A dashing double-handed slam with a sick CRACK onomatopoeia if it lands. Not Haggar's most damaging special, but it is his most versatile.
Many of Haggar's normals cause a decent amount of pushback on hitstun; therefore while Violent Axe does more damage, on average you'll end your combos into this more frequently.
On block, it’s pretty unsafe however. But the burst movement it provides can be used to shock opponents. HP goes further than LP. Outside of combos, this is good to punish whiffed normals in the neutral.

41236P | Violent Axe

A double-handed fist swing. It can hit as much as four times, but realistically it'll hit twice or thrice.
HP does more damage but takes longer to start up than LP. You're probably going to want to save the HP version for combos with jump-ins.

LP+HP/LK+HK | Lariat

Steer by holding forwards or backwards.
The P version is harder to steer with, while the K version is easier to steer with, but you’ll more consistently get two hits on the P version since he spins faster. Doesn’t actually take life away from Haggar unlike, well, pretty much every other game this move is in.
The midsection is invulnerable, so this move lets mids and projectiles pass through.


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