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Salt Mines

The Salt Mines are various mines throughout Foenum rich with salt and dangerous predators. Whoever explores these can find great wealth... or harm.

Each Pixel Lobby has a hidden cave which contains a portal to the Salt Mines. Upon opening this portal, the Salt Mines become active and there is a 30 second join period before they officially begin. Once the join phase is over, players are released into the mines to explore a large network of caves full of salt and predators. Players then have 15 minutes to collect salt by mining ore and defeating predators. During the event, salt can be spent on opening chests for health, dynamite, and hat unlocks, or can be merely collected for use outside of the Salt Mines.


The Prairie

Go to the Waterfall which is up left of the caravan in the center and hold up.

Salt Mines Prairie1.jpg

Reine City

Go inside the house that is at the top left of Cashmere's shop, and then just walk straight up.

SaltMines Reine.jpg

Huacaya Mountains

Go to this pit in the center of the lobby and hold down on it, then go left, up, and right.

SaltMines Huacaya1.jpg

SaltMines Huacaya2.jpg

Hallowed Grove

Go all the way to the left, then go down and left again to find the room with the portal to the mines in it.

SaltMines Grove1.jpg


Salt earned in the salt mines is added permanently to your salt account, which (as of currently) is shared between all official and non-official servers. Salt can be used to purchase cosmetics at Cashmere's shop, which can also be found within each Pixel Lobby map. Salt can also be spent to enter the salt mines during the middle of a round, but the price increases as the mines' level of difficulty rise.

Predator Encounters

Upon entering an encounter, the player must defeat the attacking predator or fighter, upon which they will gain salt compensation and immediately continue their work in the mines. If the player is defeated, however, they are kicked out of the salt mines, keeping only whatever salt they had on them at the time.


Players also have access to dynamite. This can be tossed using the Light button, and blows up both predators and salt ore after a few seconds. When tossed, it goes in the direction the player is moving, but will not cross ledges and stops upon hitting walls. Any predators defeated using dynamite will instantly grant the player salt, but salt ore destroyed with dynamite will leave its salt on the ground until the player moves to pick it up. Dynamite can also stun and damage players, and can be used more competitively. However, it is limited, and players must spend 60 salt to open chests containing more dynamite for them to use.

Salt Collection

Players can mine salt by either getting close to ore and using the Magic button, or using dynamite and picking up the salt remains of ore. Defeating predators in battle also rewards salt, though may take much more time. As predators are defeated, the mines become more dangerous but more salt rich, multiplying the amount of salt players get by increasing amounts. Caves also replenish after a while, going completely dark for a second before filling again with more salt ore and predators.

Level I - Feelin' Fine (x1.0 salt yield)

Level II - Almost Anxious (x1.1 salt yield)

Level III - Slightly Spookified (x1.3 salt yield)

Level IV - Getting Ghostly (x1.6 salt yield)

Level V - Halfway Haunted (x2.0 salt yield)

Level VI - Quite Quiversome (x2.5 salt yield)

Level VII - Tremendously Terrifying (x3.1 salt yield)

Level VIII - Notably Nightmarish (x3.8 salt yield)

Level IX - OHGODMAKEITSTOP (x4.6 salt yield)

Level X - AAAAAAAAAAAAAA (x5.5 salt yield)

End Phase

Upon the last minute and a half of the salt collection period, chests become uncontestable, and the mines start to speed up. Upon the timer finishing, players have approximately 10 seconds to gather salt. After this short phase, the player with the most salt is converted into an Ursine Scout/"Huggles" (bear) with a powerful moveset and environmental attacks. The bear must then chase players throughout the mines and defeat them, until either no more players are left or the bear is defeated. Players slowly lose health during this phase while the bear chases, and the only way to get health back is to mine for salt or open a rare health chest. Dying before the bear finds you is possible. See the Huggles page for more information about the bear.


Upon finishing the salt mines (or being defeated), players will recieve bonuses for various accomplishments performed in the mines. These bonuses add to the amount of salt earned in the mines, and can make a run much more productive.

From the Beginning - enter the Salt Mines during the setup phase. Adds 200 Salt.

Taste for Salt - break at least 100 salt nodes. Adds 400 Salt.

Reverse Hunter - defeat at least 25 predators. Adds 600 Salt.

Final Showdown - survive into the Final Showdown. Adds 300 Salt.

Bear Slayer - defeat the bear in the Final Showdown. Adds 800 Salt.

I AM BECOME BEAR - transform into the bear during the Final Showdown. Adds 500 Salt.

Apex Predator - defeat all of the other players as the bear. Adds 600 Salt.