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Health (VIT Gauge)

Chip Damage

Most Specials and Supers do small amounts of damage to the opponent even on block. This is known as chip damage, and is a common mechanic in fighting games. Every move that has Chip Damage property (specials, supers and some of Hyde/Kuon's normals) deals 1/8 of their base damage as chip damage, and in addition each character has two Chip Damage modifiers, both for dealing and receiving Chip Damage:

Chip Dealt = Damage × Attack's Chip Ratio × Defender's Chip receiving modifier × Chip Damage Decay / 8 
Chip Ratio (%)
Ratio Characters
75 Waldstein, Londrekia, Tsurugi, Kaguya, Kuon
70 Seth, Hilda
65 Any other character not listed
55 Orie
50 Vatista
40 Yuzuriha
Chip receiving modifier (%)
Ratio Characters
85 Waldstein
90 Gordeau, Enkidu
100 Any other character not listed
110 Hyde, Orie

The Chip Damage will scale with any bonus damage.

Chip Damage cannot K.O. the opponent.

Chip Damage Decay

Doing consecutive moves that deal chip damage will gradually reduce the chip damage depending on how many moves with chip damage are used. This penalty will stay until the opponent has left a blockstring for 60F.

Not all moves that deal chip will have the chip decay property, but they will be affected if the prior move has decay.

Chip Damage Decay = Product of P2 for moves that have the chip decay property within penalty interval

TS (GRD cycles)

Vorpal & Celestial Vorpal

GRD Cycles and Vorpal are what define Under Night In-Birth. At the end of the cycle, indicated by the central circle filling in clockwise, the player with the higher GRD Gauge wins and is given GRD Vorpal State (Vorpal/Vorpal State for short). Once a player enters Vorpal, they gain access to the Chain Shift mechanic, receive a 10% damage boost, as well as have their character's unique Vorpal trait activated. In rare instances, both players may enter Vorpal State due to their GRD being the same at the turn of the cycle. This gives both players the above benefits until they are used up, or a new cycle ends.

If a player holds more than 6 GRD Blocks at the end of a Cycle, they will enter the Celestial state, immediately winning all 12 GRD blocks upon transition. This ups their Vorpal damage boost to 20%, and gives them enough GRD blocks to easily take the next cycle again, or gain up to 200 EXS with a Chain Shift.

A GRD cycle is 78,000 units, and for each frame it increases by 100, so a regular cycle takes 780F (13 seconds). This increment is not affected by hitstops but will be paused during the superflash and IW/IWEX.

The cycle can be accelerated or decelerated by the following actions:

  • Concentration increases the units gained per frame by 39 per character (so if two are doing Concentration it will be 178 per frame).
  • Landing attacks / in combos will decrease the rate of the gain. The rate goes down to:
    • 85 per frame for the first 210F of the combo;
    • 70 per frame for the following 210F of the combo (211-420F);
    • 55 per frame for the rest of the combo.
  • Successfully Shielding an attack will immediately gain 2050 units for the cycle.

GRD Gauge

Both character starts each round with 0 GRD. Each GRD block is worth 10,000 GRD Gauge. There are a multitude ways to increase your GRD Gauge:

Actions that Affect GRD gauge
Units are in Block unless "Gauge" is explicitly written.
Action Types Actions that gain GRD Action that costs GRD
  • Passive gain
    • One cannot gain more than 5 Blocks by passive gain
    • Formula is: Distance
    • Gain is affected by the distance between you and the opponent, the closer the better
    • When you cornered the opponent, the gain significantly increases, vice versa
    • Gain speed decreases by how many block you have possessed
      • Rate is 15/12/5/3/2 when possessing 0/1/2/3/4 blocks

One cannot gain by the following methods when opponent is cornered:

  • Walking forward
  • Running or dashing forward
  • Opponent Walking backward
  • Opponent Backdashing
  • Opponent Back jumping
  • Walking backward
  • Opponent walking forward
  • Opponent running or dashing forward
  • Backdashing: Lose 0.5 GRD
    • Reversal Backdashing: Lose 1 GRD
  • Back jumping
GRD actions
  • Concentrate:
  • Enter Vorpal: Gain 1 GRD
  • Enter Celestial: Gain 12 GRD
  • Chain Shift: Cost all GRD
  • Opponent Enter Celestial: Lose all GRD
  • Assaulting
  • Dash Normals: Gain 0.1 GRD
  • Opponent uses Force Function while not having enough GRD: Gain 1 GRD
  • Force Function: Cost 1 GRD
    • Cost 0.5 GRD if in Vorpal
  • Cross Veil Off: Cost all GRD
Defensive Options
  • Holding Shield
  • Successful Evade: Gain 1 GRD
  • Throw Break: Gain 2 GRD
  • Backward Emergency Tech: Cost 1 GRD
  • Evade: Costs 2 GRD
  • Guard Thrust: Lose all GRD
Attacking / Getting Hit
  • Steer Ender:
    • Gain 2 GRDs if having more than 65 Combo Points (inclusive) when using the move, only on hit
    • Gain 1 GRD if having more than 36 Combo Points (inclusive) when using the move, only on hit
    • Gain 0.5 GRD regardless if the move is performed inside the Smart Steer Combo, including on block
    • Value is affected by Rate
  • Steer Ender:
    • Lose 1 GRD if having less than 22 Combo Points when using the move, only on hit
  • Getting attacked: Lose 1 GRD only on first hit
    • Getting comboed while in Vorpal and having more than 6 GRD blocks: Lose 160 GRD Gauge per frame until having less than 6 GRD blocks
  • Getting Thrown: Lose 2 GRD
    • Getting Gold Throw will lose an extra 1 GRD before the tech window
    • Command throws don't count unless specified
  • Getting hit by Veil Off: Lose half of GRD Blocks (rounded down)
    • Getting hit by CVO does not reduce your GRD
Blocking / Getting Blocked
  • Blocking attacks
    • Gain 80 GRD Gauge per frame from normal blocking
    • Gain 300 GRD Gauge per frame from Shield blocking, or 150 GRD Gauge per frame from Shield blocking in Vorpal
  • Blocking high and lows
    • Blocking lows gain 1000 GRD Gauge if it is the first hit of the blockstring, 500 GRD Gauge if else
    • Blocking ground highs gain 5000 GRD Gauge if it is the first hit of the blockstring or it is a rising High, 3000 GRD Gauge if else
    • Blocking air normals follows the same values as ground highs, except there is a penalty modifier that affects the gain based on the startup:
      Air Gain = Ground Gain × (33 - the startup of this air High including jump duration) / 10
The value of (33 - the startup of this High) will be at least 0 and at most 10
  • Shielding attacks: Gain 1 GRD if not in Vorpal, and 0.5 GRD if not in Vorpal
  • No follow-up attack after opponent has Green shielded: Gain 1 GRD
  • Blocking attacks while in Vorpal
    • Lose 80 GRD Gauge per frame blocking, or 120 GRD Gauge per frame if you own more than 6 GRD blocks
  • Getting Throw Teched: Lose 2 GRD
  • Attacks being shielded: Lose 2 GRD
  • No follow-up attack from the opponent after Green shielded: Lose 1 GRD + any incomplete GRD blocks
  • Actions that can gain GRD when the whole GRD Gauge is full: Throw Break, Shielding

GRD Break

When your character is attacked by a strike or thrown while Shielding or during Creeping Edge, you enter the GRD Break state. The length of the break depends on what move breaks the shield:

Action Types GRD Break Time
5A, 2A 490F
Other Normals, Failing an IWEX 600F
Throws 900F
Special Varies

During the break, the opponent will automatically win the GRD cycle regardless of how many GRD blocks they possessed. You don't lose any extra GRD blocks upon break, but you can't gain any GRD blocks, while any GRD actions that will make you lose GRDs will count as normal.

Other notable facts:

  • Getting GRD Break while having more than 6 GRD Blocks will set you back to 6 Blocks.
  • GRD break status can be immediately removed by a Veil-Off.
  • When Chain Shift Timer is active, actions that causes GRD Break will remove your Chain Shift Timer (along with meter bonus), and prevent you from a GRD Break.

EXS Gauge

EXS Gauge is your traditional fighting game meter. A full EXS Gauge is 20,000 units.

EXS Gauge Gain Table
Situation Formula
Opponent getting hit (first hit) 0.5 × (Raw Damage × (1 + Damage Bonus)) × Move Hit EXS Rate
Getting hit (first hit) 0.5 × (Raw Damage × (1 + Damage Bonus)) × Get Hit EXS Rate
Opponent getting hit (second hit onwards) 0.5 × (Raw Damage + Raw Damage × Damage Bonus × Proration / 72) × Move Hit EXS Rate
Getting hit (second hit onwards) 0.5 × (Raw Damage + Raw Damage × Damage Bonus × Proration / 72) × Get Hit EXS Rate
Opponent blocking attack Raw Damage × (Hit get blocked EXS Rate)
Blocking attack Raw Damage × (Blocking move EXS Rate)
When under Vorpal, multiply the value above by 1.05.
Move EXS Rate
Situation Move Hit Hit get blocked Get Hit Blocking move
Move that costs EXS 0 0 35 28
Force Functions 80 25 50 28
Throws 70 35 40 28
Anything not listed above 110 35 35 28
  • Values are truncated after the decimal. Ex: 100.3 becomes 100, 35.8 becomes 35.
    • Thus a move that generates 100.2 units and a move that generate 100.6 units actually generate the same amount of EXS (100 units).
  • Attacks that cost EXS (such as EX Specials and Infinity Worths) do not gain any EXS for the attacker, as the 0 in the table implies.
  • Using Shield does not affect Heat Gain.

Special modifier for EXS Gain


The Damage Bonus is the same as Damage multiplier.

Bonus Damage
Situation Bonus
Vorpal +10%
Celestial +10%
Opponent getting GRD Break +10%
Cross Veil-Off +20%
Veil-Off +20%
  • If one get GRD Broken, they will gain 75% less EXS for the entire duration of the GRD break.
  • If one Chain Shifts, they will gain 75% less EXS for the entire duration Chain Shift Timer, and the entire duration of a combo that stars when the Chain Shift Timer is active.
  • If one uses a move that spends EXS, they will gain 75% less EXS for a set amount of time.
    • These penalties can stack with other bonuses and do so multiplicatively.

Actions that Gains EXS Gauge besides attacks

Actions that Gains EXS Gauge besides attacks
Situation Formula
Using EX moves in Vorpal Refund 2500
Using EX moves to end Veil-Off Refund 2400
Chain Shift 80 per frame

EXS Gauge Cooldown

After using the EXS Gauge, characters gain 75% less EXS from doing attacks and blocking attacks. The cooldown is 300F for EX moves and IWEX, and 180F for IW and Guard Thrust. The cooldown countdown is in real time - it even counts down during the super flash for moves that caused it in the first place!

The EXS Cooldown penalty will be removed if you successfully land a hit after the meter is used. However if those moves are used in a combo, the penalty will stay and counting down as normal. If a new EXS Cooldown is started, it completely overrides the previous value.

EXS gained from Chain Shift will not be affected by this penalty. Actions that Gains EXS Gauge besides attacks will also be unaffected.

Chain Shift Penalty

If one uses the Chain Shift, they will suffer from gaining 75% less EXS for the entire duration of Chain Shift Timer. Any combo that starts when Chain Shift Timer is still up, will receive 75% less EXS for the entire combo as well.

Note that this penalty is independent of EXS Cooldown! This means that receiving EXS cooldown penalty and Chain Shifting will cause you to receive only 1/16 (6.25%) of the usual EXS gain for that duration.

GRD Break Penalty

If one get GRD Broken, they also suffer from gain 75% less EXS for the entire duration of the GRD break.

This penalty is independent of EXS Cooldown, meaning that receiving EXS cooldown penalty and GRD Break will cause you to receive only 1/16 (6.25%) of the usual EXS gain for that duration.

Veil Off Gauge

After performing Veil Off, the EXS Gauge will become a timer that counts down. Its initial value is equal to what your EXS Gauge is.

Veil Off costs
Situation Drain per frame EX move cost
Having 10000 - 19999 EXS 24 8000
Having 20000 EXS 18 6000
CVO Having 10000 - 19999 EXS 28 12800
Health <= 30%: 8000
CVO Having 20000 EXS 21 9600
Health <= 30%: 6000

Using IW (EXS) will end the Veil-Off immediately.

Chain Shift Timer

When the Chain Shift Timer is active, the rate of Veil-Off decreasing is slowed down, effectively extending the Veil-Off timer.

Veil Off drain speed during Chain Shift Timer (and Chain Shift superflash)
Situation Drain per frame (raw) Drain per frame (canceled from)
Having 10000 - 19999 EXS 1 12
Having 20000 EXS 1 9
CVO Having 10000 - 19999 EXS 1 14
CVO Having 20000 EXS 1 10
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