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Notation Terms

> - is a cancel, such as normal into special, special into super, etc
>> - is a link
~> - Is a rekka, a special/super that has a follow up command or commands.
-> - indicates a normal chain or gatling.
cl. - close normal
f. - far normal
j. - jumping normal
{ }x# - loop of any number, example: {623B}x5
#X - Specific button required. Specifically for specials where the button determines the distance like Jadou's 214A/B/C/D.
#A/B/C/D - Any listed button can be used. (Example 236A/B/C/D)
A+D - Forward Throw
B+D - Back Throw
A+B, 2A+B or j.A+B - Parry.
B+C or 2B+C - Sword Dance or Dust.
OTG - On the ground attack. Can only be done when the opponent is knocked down.
SoT - is a Seal of Time cancel
66/44 - Forward and Backwards dash respectivly
Whiff - Whiff or miss an attack on purpose for better recovery frames.
(# hits) - you must cancel on a certain hit. Example 236A (2hits).
Burst - is your B+C+D burst.
j.Burst - is your jumping B+C+D burst.
(Cross-up) - Combo must be done with a cross-up.
(Corner Only) - Combo can only be done when the opponent is in the corner.
(Oki) - Set-up for okizeme / attacking on opponent's wake-up.
IAD - Instant air dash.
tk - Tiger Knee (Inputting a motion for a special followed by a 7 or 9 before the attack button is pressed to do an air special as close to the ground as possible. Example: 2369A or 2147A, will be show in combos as tk j.#X

Game Mechanic Terms

Guard Break - Each character has a hidden guard meter and each move on block does guard damage. When a certain threshold of guard damage is reached, your guard will break; leaving you open to attack.
Burst - B+C+D. Unblockable on hit, increases your guard damage and grants infinite meter for 10 seconds. Requires you to be at low health and needs 1 meter to use. Activation hit deals small damage and can kill.
Taunt - C+D Builds 1/3rd of one Meter. May cause your opponent to insult you.
Guard Cancel - C+D on block. Requires 1 meter to use. Hit deals small damage and can kill, save for Jadou as his guard cancel is a teleport and not an attack.
Parry - Officially called Chaos Breaking but we think parry is more fitting. A+B, 2A+B or j.A+B. Parries incoming attacks and leaves the opponent helpless.
Gatlings / Chain Combos - Buttons that can be comboed together natrually. Ex: 5A -> 5B -> 5C
Seal Of Time (SOT) - Slows down time on specific special moves to extend your combos. Similar to a Yellow Roman Cancel from Guilty Gear.
Dust - Officially called Sword Series Slash but we think dust is a more fitting name. All dust combos are exactly the same character to character (AAABBBCCCDD > 236D)

System Specifics