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Spectral VS Generation System Specifics

Meter: You start each game with full meter, 3 bars, and meter will carry over between rounds.

Guard Break: If you block too much, you will start to flash white. Keep blocking and your character will stagger, leaving you open for attack.

Air Blocking: It doesn't exist in this game, so don't try it.

Parry: A+.pngB Perform a dodge animation that will cause projectiles to pass through you and will stun the opponent for a short time if the hit you with a physical, non-grab attack. Parries anything that can be blocked high. Can also be done in the air. If done on the ground, you can be grabbed.

Low Parry: 2.pngA+.pngB Perform a dodge animation that will cause projectiles to pass through you and will stun the opponent for a short time if the hit you with a physical, non-grab attack. This version only parries lows but you can't be grabbed out of it.

Forward Grab: A+.pngD Grab the opponent and throw them in the direction that you are facing. The opponent can tech by pressing A when the grab connects.

Backwards Grab: B+.pngD Grab the opponent and throw them in the opposite direction that you are facing. The opponent can tech by pressing B when the grab connects.

Dust: B+.pngC After a short animation and sfx you perform a standing overhead that knocks the opponent into the air. You can follow this up by pressing A x 3, B x 3, C x 3, D, and ending with 236 D.
Pressing A will automatically cause you to jump into the air and follow the opponent so no need to jump, just start pressing A.

Low Dust: 2.pngB+.pngC Exactly the same as a regular dust except the first hit will be low, and the initial animation will be different to reflect this.

Taunt: C+.pngD Taunt your opponent, establishes dominance. Builds 1/8th of your full meter, or about 1/3 of a super bar! Somewhat useful for building meter without actually hitting anyone, but makes you vulnerable.

Guard Cancel: C+.pngD while in Block Stun Knocks the opponent away with a hit, Costs 1 Bar of meter.

Air Recovery: D After Hit Stun ends and you are in the air You will perform a small air flip in place with limited invincibility, and restores your air options.

Ground Recovery: D Just before you touch the ground while not in Hit Stun Your character will hop backward a small distance instead of being knocked down. Fully invincible.

Seal Of Time

A+.pngB+.pngC Only when or after certain moves connect
When certain moves connect, either hit or block, using Seal Of Time slows the opponent and keeps them in hit or block stun, allowing you to follow up a hit or to continue your pressure.
Costs 1 bar of meter
The moves that you can Seal Of Time will vary from character to character
Think of it as a more restrictive Guilty Gear Roman Cancel

Manual Burst

B+.pngC+.pngD Only when at low health
You will know you can activate burst if [B+C+D] appears under your health bar
Upon activation has a small hitbox that does some damage, blows the opponent away on hit, and destroys projectiles hit by the hitbox, and is unblockable
During burst you take less damage, have infinite meter, and deal a larger amount of damage to guard, and you will tend to guard crush opponents with few hits. When the burst ends you will be left with no meter at all
Costs 1 Bar of meter to activate but is not limited to once per round, if you can get more meter you can activate again
It is best to think of this as a more limited dbfz sparking, you can only activate this if you are in a neutral state with the exception of a few normals, however said normals generally will put the opponent out of range of the activation hit unless it’s a corner juggle, so the best time to use this is during a combo after using Seal of Time.

Auto Burst

Exactly the same as the manual burst with the exception of you have no control when you burst. When in Auto Burst the moment you are in a neutral state and can burst the game will force you to burst. Though you do not need any meter for the burst to activate it will still occur if you are able to activate, even if you have a full 3 bars of meter and you don't want to activate. It is not recommended to ever take this over Manual Burst

Chain System

Normal chains typically work from A to B to C, but some characters can use A and D interchangeably as well as chain them into each other
A → B → C
↕ ↗
Air chains are character specific and limited to only a couple select moves

Cancel System

Normals as well as certain specials can cancel directly into supers
The specials that can actually cancel into supers will vary from character to character
Normal/Chain → Special Move → Super Move

Scaling Chart

Table is an estimate

Number of Hits Correction Value
1-3 HITS x 1.0
4 HITS x 0.95
5 HITS x 0.9
6 HITS x 0.8
7 HITS x 0.75
8 HITS x 0.70
9 HITS x 0.60
10-12 HITS x 0.55
13-14 HITS x 0.5
15 HITS x 0.4
16-17 HITS x 0.35
18-21 HITS x 0.3
22 HITS x 0.2
23-24 HITS x 0.15
25 HITS x 0.1

Guts Chart

Guts is a mechanic that exists in many other fighting games, from other poverty fighting games such as Matrimelee, to big names such as Guilty Gear. The less health you have, the less damage you take. However, guts will not take effect until the combo ends. So combos from 100% will always do 1.0 damage. But the moment the combo ends, guts takes effect and reduces the incoming damage based on how much health you have left. Guts will always refresh after each combo and is permanent.

Health Percentage Correction Value
100% ~ x 1.0
59.9% ~ x 0.95
49.9% ~ x 0.9
39.9% ~ x 0.85
29.9% ~ x 0.8
19.9% ~ x 0.75
9.9% ~ x 0.7

Character Health

Characters Health
Hiro 510
Earth, Erile, Jadou, Krayce, Mayura, Orochimaru, Ryuken 500
Roze, Wells 450
Hiro 2, Jadou 2 420
System Specifics