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How does it play?

Most game features are borrowed from older games, especially from Guilty Gear series: ABC chain combos, roman cancels, air recoveries and alike. If you are familiarized with the term "air dasher" you can easily call this game like that, despite only having a few characters that can actually do an air dash. The game is much slower though, that means you can focus on your strategic plan rather than relying too much on your reflexes. It also features a lot of defensive options, making rush down tactics not as effective as in similar games. All character playstyles are covered, and many characters have very long ranged normals.

Character Selection

Good characters for beginners

Seed, Rance, Makutsudo, Menat. The last one is easy to play but you will lose a lot because she is probably the worst character.

Playstyle archetypes

  • Full grappler = Patton
  • Midrange grapplers = Makutsudo, Maria
  • Heavy zoners = Satsu, Shizuka, Nalzgis
  • Well rounded (shotos) = Seed, Rance, Menad, Miki
  • Rushdown = Aria, Fanel, Escalayer, Hatsune, Nalzgis
  • Strong setplay = Aria, Raysen, Shizuka(?)
  • Explosive combo video characters = Tiger Joe, Aria, Raysen, Fanel, Hatsune, Miki
  • Semi-zoners, midrange zoners = Maria, Menad, Hanny King, Alietta
  • Gimmicky and Tricky = Hanny, Makutsudo
  • Tanks = Alietta, Patton

Tier List

This is a tentative tier list. We still need a lot of practical matchup knowledge.

Alice tears.jpg

  • Miki seems bad at first, because slow normals, short range on them and looks like a joke character overall. But she has few excellent normals, specials and supers, all with excellent damage. What makes her a top tier character is the fact that she can do over 70% damage with only 1 meter if you get to the corner, and almost guarantees a kill with more bars or an optimal starter.
  • Seed has an install that makes him deal extreme cheap damage, his overall damage is very good, has healing setups unlike many other characters, has an air special that beats antiairs, safe on block+big hitboxes. Great well rounded character with very few cons.
  • Satsu has low health but recovers a lot of it, has unblockable setups (unless you have a good special defense against it. It will be a pain to parry or just defense them), a command grab that leads into combos, extreme zoning and average damage.
  • Patton's damage is very high, he can FRC/Light Break his command dash to close gaps, has a jump in that beats most antiairs and has good knockdowns for his setplay. Can also FRC/Light Break his command grab, if you can do it can also deal great damage. He is slow, but has very useful normal moves. His special ability doesn't cost any meter and gives him a very useful armor that can absorb one hit.
  • Aria has big damage in her long combos, mixups, great mobility, is very fast and has one of the best antiair normal in the game
  • Raysen, similarly to aria, has big damage and better mixups, better pressure(?) but her setplay is limited to not losing the axe (she can use it and recover it mid combo though).
  • Shizuka has low health but makes up for it by being the dedicated zoner, she has a unique airdash and good mixups.
  • Hatsune's backdash is a run, her neutral can be very annoying to deal with due to her movement, her conversions always lead to corner carry and her damage is above average.
  • Nalzgis has average health, but somehow seems to suffer more damage than most characters. She has amazing air mobility with 3 air dashes+Gundam Dash, her zoning game with orbs is extremely annoying to deal with for some characters. However, her damage is pretty low, she is hard to use and doesn't play that well on the ground.
  • Escalayer also has amazing speed, good normals, and the counter deals damage relative to the move that she's countering, so characters like seed

that would charge+RC to get in, they'll take over 50% damage for trying it which is crazy.

  • Tiger joe is just damage and long combos, his neutral is not great and his optimal stuff is hard.
  • Hanny King has good normals and can confirm out of almost anything but he's a bit slow and has long startup on normals.
  • Alietta is just very fair, her zoning is good and has high health, her damage can be good but requires meter and character specific combos are maybe too hard to get used to them. Normals are not great, honestly. Has also a recovery setup, and paired up with her high health, makes her a good enough character and she might be higher on the list because of that.
  • Maria has an instant overhead and good zoning but some of her moves whiff on crouchers, and she has the big character treatment (character specific combos on her, fuzzy setups, you name it).
  • Rance is slow and has no oki setups without losing a bunch of damage, can set up a guard crush with his lv3 if the opponent doesn't know about it, nice hitboxes and easy damage but being slow hurts a lot.
  • Fanel is cute, has good normals, specials, speed and pressure, has an instant overhead but no oki setups without losing damage, and her damage is not great to begin with compared to most of the cast.
  • Makutsudo is very gimmicky, his damage is decent and his lv3 would be extremely good at whiff punishing on reaction if the input wasn't a raging demon, otherwise, once he runs out of gimmicks he's not that great. He's very slow, but the teleport gives him a lot of mobility.
  • Menad could be good on paper when you test her moves, but she has to win neutral more times than any other character due to her extremely low damage for this game. As a reference, her metered damage is similar to Fanel's unmetered damage, and that character already struggles. Has good oki setups, but has to sacrifice a lot of damage, and she really needs it.

Color selection and random select

  • Try different button combinations to select your colour palette.
  • Press simultaneously all 4 buttons on the character selection screen for a random color.
  • Random select by pressing any button and then rapidly press the aux button.
  • Random stage with aux button


How unlock characters and stuff

The easiest way to unlock everything is to patch the game up to the latest version (1.0006) and then run it with your Windows language settings in japanese, or use an Applocale emulator. If for any reason you don't want to do this, then you have to do it by beating the game several times: 1) Beat the story mode once= AI settings and special menu options. Special colors for characters. 2) Turn on special option in the settings and then clear the game with specific characters

  • Little Princess= Clear story mode with Miki.
  • Demon Rance= Clear the story mode with Rance.
  • Tada= Clear story mode with Hanny King.
  • Nalzgis= After unlocking all the above characters, beat the game in arcade mode.

With the exception of Nalgas, these characters should be banned from professional argentinian play.

Unlock Stages

Clear the game with hidden characters to unlock special stages.

  • Castle of the demon= Clear the game with Demon Rance.
  • The birth of Little Princess= Clear the game with Little Princess.
  • Hanny building: Clear the game with Tada.
  • Fortress of Booron (???)= Clear the game with your Nalgas.

How to get the hidden options in the menu?

Beat story mode at any difficulty. Then go to settings>Various settings(??)

The opening movie does not play properly

Change the screen mode to window mode, or remove the movie in the bonus folder.

Random stuff

  • Patton's stage seems to have the only background animation in the whole game and only on the third round. A simple snowing effect.
  • There some information about character stories here
  • When you enter the settings menu, the text in the background is written in greek alphabet. Oddly enough, phonetically it reads in rough "engrish".
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