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Tactics Bar

Koihime Enbu Bar.png

Aka meter, it increases on hit or guard, as well as on special whiffs. The first player to land an attack on each round receives a bonus 1 bar. Can hold up to 4 bars.

EX Special Attack

A+B: Uses up 1 tactics bar, they enable stronger special attacks. Many EX attacks are invulnerable, or give a hard knockdown.

Summon Strategist

236D: Uses up 1 tactics bar. Cannot be cancelled into. Mainly used during neutral game, for okizeme, and can even be used during Hougeki combos for extensions.


2363214D: Uses up 3 tactics bars, performs a powerful super attack. All of them are fully invincible and guard crush on block to give a slight frame advantage.

Note: The game will also register 2321D as an Ougi input.


236B+C: Uses up 4 tactics bars, only available during Hougeki combos. Cannot be cancelled into, must be performed raw.


Throw Techs

To tech a throw, press the D button.

Air Techs

Not all attacks will be guaranteed to knock you down. If you hold a button during hitstun, you will air tech. When you air tech, you will be invincible until 1 of 2 things happens.

  • You press an air attack button.
  • You land on the ground.

This causes a basic mindgame where you choose between doing an air attack, and just landing after an airtech. Likewise, the opponent will consider doing an anti air, or going for a mix-up.

Ground Techs

If you are hit with an attack that causes a soft knockdown, you can tech by pressing any button. Hold to tech works. If you want to tech immediately, you can simply hold A whenever you get hit. Note that if you were able to air tech but chose not to, you still have the option to ground tech.

Special Down

Any counter hit from a move with a Special Down attribute will result in a special type of hitstun. Until your opponent hits the ground, you can hit them with a short combo. Similar to other specials hitting the opponent in the air, they can air tech if they are too high at the end.

Hougeki Combo System

All characters have moves with the Hougeki attribute. The universal ones are 6B, 3B, 6C, and 3C. Some characters may have additional Hougeki attacks. When the opponent is counterhit with an attack with Hougeki attribute, the opponent will be put into the special Hougeki combo state. These are the strongest combos in the game.

Special Pursuit Chance

During a Hougeki combo, you can use a Special Pursuit Chance (bounces):

  • 3B - Lift off: a short range but quick attack that launches on hit.
  • 6B - Slam: a slow overhead attack that causes ground bounce.
  • 6C - Blow away: a slow attack that causes wall bounce.

Some special attacks have identical pursuit chances to the above command normals, but they are all character specific. Whenever the opponent is falling, during Hougeki combo state, they can be comboed until they fully land on the ground. There is always a small ground bounce that happens when they fall initially. The larger the fall, the larger the bounce. This is a key point for timing combos visually as well as constructing new Hougeki routes.

Tutorial Videos

If the written explanation wasn't enough or you want visual examples of these concepts, check out this video by Unknown Games for RyoRaiRai:

For Spanish-speakers, check this tutorial video by Zanzibarland:

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai

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