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Spacing and chip-damage are what this dragon's all about. Fast normals and a number of screen-controlling projectiles give you plenty of control over your opponent's next move, whether it be for zoning or set-play. Making nearly all of his moves safe keeps your opponent on their toes, and getting in can mean staying in for a long time. Despite this, he has the least reversal options in the game, so staying on top is key.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Gaou Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


5A: Fast jab with good reach. Chains into auto combo 5AAA, as well as 2A/1A/5B/2B/6B/4B

1A: Fast low jab. Chains into auto combo 2AA, as well as 5B/6B/2B

2A: Slightly slower low jab with longer range. Low auto combo. Chains into 5B/6B/2B.

3A: BIG STEPPIE, Overhead stomp that bounces opponent. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

5B: Absurdly fast heavy punch. Pushes Gaou forward. Cancellable.

4B: Shoulder tackle. AA. First hit cannot be teched, second cannot. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

6B: Tail Whip. Knocks his opponent back on hit and block. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

2B: Low sweep that slides him forward. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

j.A: Jumping normal. Good falling hitbox.

j.?A Two feet. Crosses up, but also reaches crouching opponents. Fumble Attack (An overhead, but does not his on the way up).

j.B: Fist slam. Holding the button makes it stronger, and bounces opponent on release.


5AAA: 3-hit combo that launches opponent. Can follow up with certain moves.

1AAA: 3-hit low combo (1A, 2A, 2AA). Final hit pushes the opponent away. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

j.AAA: Standard air chain.

Special Moves

236A: Fireball

Your average fireball for vertical screen control.

  • Fast recovery.
  • Fast moving (about the same speed as yata's Fireball B).

236B: Flamethrower

A 6-hit stream of fire.

  • Range is about half-screen.
  • Hits low.
  • Does at least 100 in chip.
  • Can combo after it on hit, and is safe on block.
  • Can only combo into from juggle state.
  • Does NOT clash with other projectiles.

236C: Big Fireball

A 4-hit fireball that absorbs most projectiles with its massive size and number of hits.

  • Effective for locking down opponent as well.
  • Can only combo into from juggle state.

214A/B: Living Liquid A/B

Summons a pool of liquid the homes in on the opponent. Can be detonated by pressing C. Doing the input twice forms a greenish puddle. When activated it forms a multi-hit drill, but follows the same rules.

  • Launches the opponent.
  • Can be detonated at any time, so long as Gaou isn't getting hit or blocking.
  • It also disappears when hit.
  • Can be air-teched.
  • B is the same as above, but formed half-screen away.

214C: EX Living Liquid

A pool of liquid that traps the opponent for a period of time.

  • Has a much larger hit-box.
  • Immediately ends when other EX moves and Supers are used.
  • Has an odd bug where tagging opponent in after it hits keeps tagged character from hitting bubbled character.

j.214A/B: Lightning Mine

Leaves an aerial trap. Like the living liquid, it can be detonated. When left alone, it will create a larger explosion.

  • When the opponent is hit, it creeps closer to them.
  • Disappears when hit.
  • B is the same as above, but formed half-screen away.

j.214C: EX Lightning Mine

This mine cannot be detonated manually but fires a volley of tracking beams at the opponent.

  • Disappears when hit.

623A/AB: Dragon Roll

A movement attack that allows Gaou to flip forward into the air.

  • A is higher, allowing him to avoid moves more easily.
  • B is lowering, making it easier to move past his opponent.

It can be followed up with a number of commands during the animation.

  • Pressing A will cause a head-stomp where he leaps high before quickly stomping down.
  • It is an overhead.
  • Pressing B will immediately lower him to the ground with very little recovery.
  • It also contains a super armor point.
  • Leaving it untouched will end in a low-hitting slide.

623C: EX Dragon Roll

  • Initial Roll becomes a multi-hit move with quick start-up.
  • Pressing A does a more-powerful head stomp that knocks the opponent to the ground.
  • All other properties are unchanged.

Super Moves

236236A: Gaou leaps forward and grabs his opponent.

  • Can grab opponent like the average throw, but can combo into it as well.
  • Invincibility frames on start-up.

Awaken Art - 236236B: A fire breath wave.

  • Hits the opponent at full screen.
  • Invincibility frames until beam ends.
  • Long recovery.