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To make your opponent question their approach, or have your foe fear your own. Kouga is a complete package for any player's needs, by having many moves that can control the field, break through plenty; if not most of the opposition his opponent sets out to reach them, and control their situation on wake-up. Slow-moving projectiles and long, swift pokes allow him to accomplish several things, along with heightened synergy with most of the cast.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Kouga Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


4A: Rapid-Fire, Short-Range jab. Cancellable. Chains into 2A, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.

5A: Slow, Mid-Range Trident Swipe. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA, 5AAA. Chains into 2A, 4B, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.

  • 5AA: Follow-up swipe to the above. Moves him slightly forward. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA. Chains into 2A, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.
  • 5AAA: A lunging auto-combo finisher. Long-range, long recovery. Moves past opponent on hit, stops on block. EX and Super Cancellable.

6A: Fast Trident poke with a lot of range, at least the length of the character himself. Very safe from any range. EX and Super Cancellable.

1A: Low, quick jab. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2A. Chains into, 4B, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.

2A: Low sweep, fairly long. EX and Super Cancellable.

4B: Lance wheel, somewhat large. Starts up fast, recovers fast. Pushes the opponent back on hit or block. EX and Super Cancellable.

5B: Roundhouse kick. Less than body length. Move him forward a bit. Cancellable.

6B: Spinning back-fist. Solid range, and moves him forward a bit. Hit-stun allows linking into certain normals. EX and Super Cancellable.

2B: Low variation of 6A, just barely the same range. EX and Super Cancellable.

j.5A: Jumping light kick. Can cross-up. Cancellable. Auto-chains into j.(4/7/8/9/6)A, j.5B. Chains into j.(1/2/3)A, J.5B, j.2B and j.8B manually.

j.(4/7/8/9/6)A: Jumping lance poke. IS an overhead. Cancellable. Auto-chains into j.5B. Chains into j.(1/2/3)A, j.2B and j.8B manually.

j.(1/2/3)A: Dive, but not a kick. IS an overhead. Especially safe when used close to the ground. VERY active. Crosses-up. Launches opponent on hit. Slight bit of landing recovery. EX Cancellable.

j.5B: Large tail flip. Very big hit-box. Crosses-up. EX and Super Cancellable.

j.2B: Trident head-hop. Yes, an overhead. Bounces him upwards on hit or block. Can choose what move to do right after hit or block. Cancellable.

j.8B: Tridentcopter. Yet another overhead. A spinning attack that doesn't end until he hits the ground. If used right after jumping, he's send high into the air, and moves much further. Can hit opponent several times when airborne. Grounded opponents can be crossed up. EX Cancellable.

Special Moves

236A: Kazu A

  • Floaty ball of water that slowly travels the stage.
  • A generally strong tool for keeping distance, or making the opponent hold a mix-up on wake-up.
  • Forward-angled shot.
  • Cannot use again until the first disappears.

236B: Kazu B

  • Air version of the above.
  • Aids in air control.
  • Lower recovery. Great combo tool, especially in the corner.
  • Travels at a longer distance.

236C: EX Kazu

  • Sends out three balls of water.
  • Keeps both trajectories, and adds an extra sphere that lands late, and a short distance in front of Kouga.
  • As fast recovery as Water Ball B.

623A/B: Sakeru

  • Reversal DP option.
  • Strike invulnerability on start-up.
  • Not in the air until the third hit, making EX and Super Cancelling on the ground easier.

623C: EX Sakeru

  • Contains even more frames of invulnerability.
  • Slightly faster for better punishes.
  • Sends him higher into the air.

214A/B: Senko

  • A dashing attack where Kouga drive his harpoon into the opponent.
  • Full projectile invulnerability.
  • Distance and strength vary by button. A is shorter and safer than B, while B travels full-screen.
  • Knocks opponent away on hit.

214C: EX Senko

  • Multi-hitting variation.
  • Ends with similar effect to auto-combo.
  • Not as long as B, but travels faster.
  • Safe on block.

j.236A/B: Seki-ma

  • Arcing projectile.
  • Spawning point is slightly in front of him.
  • Trajectory is based on button strength. A is shorter, B is a higher arc but longer range, meaning it can be crouched under if close.
  • Launches on hit.

j.236C: EX Seki-ma

  • Sends out three sharks.
  • Faster start-up than above.
  • When blocked once, the animation does not finish, and only counts as one hit.

Super Moves

236236A: Dai Shippu

  • A total of 13 sharks rush to hit the opponent.
  • Can move again after 10 have passed.
  • Good for both combo extensions and pressure.
  • No invulnerability what-so-ever.

236236B: Kakusei Ogi: Tenma Todoroki Mei (Awaken Art)

  • Cinematic super, starts up by creating a storm that surrounds him.
  • Short-range, but effective anti-air.
  • Completely invincible for some time.
  • Has several options to combo into it.