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The cunning spirit-talker schoolgirl from Wonderful World makes an appearance in E's Laf! She brings with her an improved version of her grappling skillset, making her deadly even in the hands of a beginner.

Cielo has an enormous 10416 health points to work with, second only to Alcott. As in Wonderful World, she cannot airdash but has access to double and super jumps.


Currently Cielo has 100% options from practically any hit-confirm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2-0Scli1GA Look for opportunities to connect Cielo's combo tools together to create big damage, rather than memorizing long strings in and of themselves.

Anywhere, 0 Meter

  • 5AAA 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C
  • 2D 63214B (This is not a typo.)
  • [cl5B/2B/5A/2A/6A/4C/5C] 632146A
  • j.B djc j.B j.C j.D land 6A j.B j.C j.D (instant j.B cannot be done against Serena or Qdoba)
  • 5AAA 236A, 5AAA 63214C (Fantastic meter gain!)
  • 214A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C

Anywhere, 1 Meter

  • 632146A (Fatal) 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C Serena, Qdora, Sisca, Reinhard, Tae, Caligula, Cletia
  • 632146A (Fatal) 2A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C Reviel, Cecil
  • 6D 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C

Anywhere, 2 Meter

  • 632146C, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 236A, 5A 5C 63214C
  • (Grounded opponent) [5C/j.B/j.D] j.6321463214A

Anywhere, 1 Soul

  • 63214[B/C] 2[B/C], 632146A

Move List

Normal Moves

Disclaimer - Boxes shown do not portray additional properties such as invulnerability to certain moves or pushboxes.

EL Cielo 5A 1.png

Cielo pulls out a book and promptly smacks you with it. Hitboxes are not too great and leaves her vulnerable from the air, but the move is OBSCENELY fast for a grappler and nigh unpunishable.


A low trajectory kick. There are very few cases in which this move could miss considering 5A's poor hitboxes.


A powerful strike downwards which not only builds significant meter on hit or block, but will catch jump-out attempts.


See "I'm Angry!"

EL Cielo 5B 1.png

A standard punch with excellent reach.

EL Cielo 5B cl.png

A low blow to catch those pesky crouchers. Gatling into 5B for free, great starter damage-wise.

EL Cielo 5C 1.png

An advancing low punch. Slow and vulnerable everywhere but does a groundbounce against airborne opponents, making it an invaluable combo tool.

EL Cielo 5D.png

A gigantic slap. This move has guaranteed launch/groundbounce properties, as well as a small amount of suction which makes followups very simple. Can be jump-cancelled on hit.

EL Cielo 2A 1.png

A quick book attack, like 5A. Can be used in place of 5A for certain juggles and avoiding accidentally performing an autocombo.

EL Cielo 2B 1.png

Decent reach for a low attack but not particularly strong due to how vulnerable it is on whiff.

EL Cielo 2C 1.png

A two sided punch, can be useful at times for catching crossups but is otherwise fairly vulnerable to aerial attacks regardless. Counts as a special move for combo purposes and as such is fairly useless.

EL Cielo 2D 1.png

Shorter reach than 2B but much safer to throw out in pressure due to low hitboxes. Delivers hard knockdown on hit.

EL Cielo JA 1.png

A quick book attack, nearly identical to 5A. Mashing this in the air is deceptively effective at controlling airspace.

EL Cielo JB 1.png

A small kick which can launch grounded opponents. Double jump cancellable.

EL Cielo JC.png

Cielo stretches out to hit an opponent. Decent active frames and frame advantage on block but otherwise nothing special.

EL Cielo JD.png

Somewhat slow double fisted attack with great damage and long range. Will launch/groundbounce on hit.

Command Normals

EL Cielo 6A 1.png

Cielo shoves the enemy in front of her. Decent anti-air capability and combo-ability. Doesn't push very far, which makes it useful to combo into Heaven's Punishment.

EL Cielo 4C 1.png

Almost identical to cl. 5B but with fewer combo options.

EL Cielo 6C.png

After a brief charge time, Cielo launches herself feet first across the stage, dodging some high attacks and projectiles in the process. The move actually has a very small jump arc, which allows her to launch herself into the air if it is T-Cancelled with good timing. Even without a counterhit, enemies hit by this must tech or be vulnerable for a very long time as they slide against the floor. The distance it covers can also be used as a quick OTG against enemies who have been knocked far away, although OTGs in general should be avoided*

EL Cielo 6D.png

Cielo's overhead attack, the massive hitboxes make it very easy to catch opponents off guard who think they are at a safe distance. Launches/groundbounces on hit although almost impossible to combo from. The OTG property and good damage makes it good for adding a last bit of damage to knockdown combos, although OTGs in general should be avoided*


Cielo moves slightly forward before dropping directly below. Very dangerous if blocked but is hard to anti-air due to a massively disjointed hitbox. Very easy to mix-up by jumping over an opponent and using it to cross up or j.1C to un-cross.

Special Moves

Running Away is Pointless! - 236A

Amenhotep's arm swings across the screen, dealing damage and pulling in the opponent if they get hit. Good for punishing bad decisions at long range but more important as a combo tool.

I'll Send You flying! - 63214 B/C

A blockable catchgrab. B version will hit grounded opponents while the C version is used as an anti-air. The damage is not particularly high but it is essential as a combo tool.

  • Actually Nevermind - 2 B/C

Cancels the grab and sets your opponent down right next to you. The opponent will not be able to move, attack, or block until their feet touch the ground.

Heaven's Punishment! - 412364A

Cielo's signature command grab, deals massive damage when you can land it. Can be comboed into from A and B normals, or staggers. Can be done in the air but loses combo-ability and must be done raw.


An overhead grab. It is strange all-around and has some anti-air capability. Gives free okizeme but becomes unsafe when fataled. More research is needed.



A much faster version of 236C which can also be executed in the air as a combo ender from j.D.


Cielo creates an advancing shield which allows her to close distance at virtually no risk. Can also be used as a reversal.


Heaven's Great Punishment! - 6321463214A

A stronger version of Heaven's Great Punishment! Does not have any combo-ability and is generally not worth the meter spent. The aerial version however, does gain the ability to combo from normals and has some use as a tech trap.

I'm Angry! - 632146C

Cielo's ace in the hole. Covers a massive portion of the screen with a giant rock almost instantaneously, and dodges projectiles for free as they pass through her during the superpause. Especially useful as a relaunch after hard knockdown.


Work In Progress -

When the match starts, you are already winning. You are already winning because you have 1 meter and any hit you land can potentially be fatal, provided your opponent did not select either Main or Alcott. Use Cielo's long reach and great single-hit damage to control space as you make your way in to deliver sweet death. Until it is patched, be sure to abuse Cielo's inescapable reset as much as possible. When using "Actually Nevermind" you can land Heaven's Punishment guaranteed as it will grab them out of the air before their feet touch the ground. When used in combination with Fatal Counter to extend combos from Heaven's Punishment, you can 100% almost anyone as shown in the video above. If you succeed, your opponent will only be able to burst.


Unfortunately, all of these affect Cielo's strategy, both positively and negatively.

OTG Glitch - After an OTG string, a player will be invulnerable to throws until the next time they are hit or if they attack.

Reset Glitch - After using "Actually, Nevermind" to set your opponent down, Cielo can grab them before their feet touch the ground using Heaven's Punishment.

Input Glitch - The half-circle input of "I'll Send You Flying!" remains buffered indefinitely. Subsequent B or C button presses will trigger more throw attempts, 6A will perform Heaven's Punishment the second time you try it, and 63214A will perform Heaven's Great Punishment.


The game has custom color edit who cares

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