E's Laf/HUD

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1. Health Gauge

  • Displays each character's remaining health. This amount is also displayed beneath the character's name.

2. Stun Gauge

  • This gauge will gradually increase as the character defends against attacks. When it fills completely, the character will be guard crushed.

3. Timer

  • Displays the time remaining in the round.

4. Guard Gauge

  • Not to be confused with the Stun Gauge, this gauge increases faster when you are getting hit. It is used for Pushblock and Counterboost (burst-type effects).

5. Super Gauge

  • This gauge fills more quickly when you are moving forward or attacking. It is used for performing powerful super moves, as well as EX moves, Fatal Counters, S-Cancels, and T-Cancels. The number beside it indicates how many stocks you have available.
E's Laf