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With far-reaching normals, projectiles that cover nearly every angle, and several attacks that linger on the screen, Main is best-described as a space-control character. Proper use of his tools allow him to hit most parts of the screen and threaten opponents from nearly anywhere. He also has several good oki options on knockdown and useful utility in the form of his Ex specials and Super moves, meaning he has something useful to do with his meter at any given time. In exchange for his nearly-uncontested reach, his cancel options are somewhat poor, and his mixup, while decent, requires that he sacrifice his range advantage in order to beat down-backing players.

-Pros and Cons-

+ Long range normals, both grounded and in the air
+ Strong antiair options
+ Has many options for oki with and without meter

- Not many jump/dash-cancellable moves make his pressure somewhat predictable
- Mixup tools have the worst range of all his attacks, requiring him to go in

Abilities and Movement options

Health Total: 10000

(66) - Forward dash, can hold (6) to keep running. Main's dash has a slightly slow startup but high acceleration.

(44) - A short distance hop backwards with some invincibility.

High Jump
(1) or (2) or (3) then (7) or (8) or (9) - A high-altitude jump into the air. Retains other air options.

Double Jump
(7) or (8) or (9) in the air - A second, shorter jump allowing for more air time or changes in aerial momentum. Cannot double jump and airdash in the same jump.

(44) or (66) in the air - A burst of forward or backward aerial momentum. One forward or backward airdash allowed when airborne.

Move List

Normal Moves


【5A】 [Low | Damage - 270 | Startup - 4f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 12f | Advantage - -3 | Jump cancelable]
Main 5A.png

A fast, low kick. The range is short for Main, but still slightly longer than most other character's 5As.

【5AA】 [Mid | Damage - 480 | Startup - 7f | Active - 3f | Recovery - 30f | Advantage - -18 | Jump cancelable]

A horizontal swipe that vacuums opponents in on hit and block. Decent range, though it can whiff on a tipper 5A so be aware of your distances. Air Unblockable property on this means opponents can't safely jump out of 5A pressure if you delay your strings by a few frames, giving Main an easy answer to chicken-blocking.

【5AAA】 [Mid | Damage - 800 | Startup - 14f | Active - 3f | Recovery - 32f | Advantage - -18 | Hard knockdown]

Main turns and does an elbow-drop like motion onto the ground, triggering a gout of flame. A pretty large hitbox, but this move has no real use midscreen outside of combo fodder and meter-building. Also, despite being a grounded normal, it's Air Blockable. In the corner it can be used with Specials or Supers to frame trap.

【5B】 [Mid | Damage - 440 | Startup - 9f | Active - 6f | Recovery - 13f | Advantage - +0 ~ -4]

A lunging, full-body punch with fire trail. Might be okay as a poke in neutral, but Main can't easily get anything off of this and it can only be Special/Super-canceled.

【cl.5B】 [Mid | Damage - 480 | Startup - 7f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 16f | Advantage - -5 | Jump cancelable]

A close range cross punch. Fast startup with a nice vertical hitbox, it's useful for pressure and capable of OTGs. A staple normal in Main's BnBs.

【5C】 [Mid | Damage - 640 | Startup - 7f | Active - 8f | Recovery - 21f | Advantage - -4 ~ -10]

Similar to 5B, but angled downward. Despite the animation, not a low. The reach is a little bit shorter than 5B too. The main use of this normal (probably) stems from its effects on air hit and air CH/Fatal Shift. On air hit, the opponent is ground bounced briefly, allowing for a 214B followup. On air CH/Fatal Shift, it ground bounces and causes hard knockdown. [Testing required]

【5D】 [Mid | Damage - 540 | Startup - 11f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 27f | Advantage - -14]

Main steps forward and lunges with a spear made of fire. One of the longest-ranged normals in the game. Cancel options aren't strong, but when used wisely, this normal allows Main to harass half the cast with relatively little risk. The recovery limits how exploitable it is; whiff this normal and faster cast members get in for free (Serena, Qdora, Cecil).

【2A】 [Mid | Damage - 120 | Startup - 5f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 5f | Advantage - +2 | Jump cancelable]

A crouching swipe with obligatory fire effect. Mashable up to 3 times in combos and blockstrings before pushback guarantees a whiff. Fast enough to mash out of blockstrings, but this move hits mid and has awful reach, so that's likely the only thing you'll use it for.

【2B】 [Low | Damage - 380 | Startup - 7f | Active - 6f | Recovery - 12f | Advantage - -3]

A horizontal swing with a firey glaive. A reasonably fast low.

【2C】 [Mid | Damage - 800 | Startup - 6f | Active - 8f | Recovery - 14f | Advantage - -3]

Main punches the ground, causing a firey eruption. This move is pretty ridiculous; it's Air Unblockable, it shrinks Main's hurtbox slightly, and it's effectively safe on block thanks to the pushback and short recovery. On CounterHit/Fatal Shift it floats the opponent for a long time, allowing for a full combo. Probably one of Main's best normals, and an antiair that every character has to respect. Hitting raw and/or meterless has little benefits, though. Learn when to use this and how best to exploit it.

【2D】 [Low | Damage - 400 | Startup - 5f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 19f | Advantage - -8 | Hard knockdown]

A generic sweep. The range is simply okay, slightly better than Main's 5A, and the hitbox for whatever reason extends slightly past his leg. Not a bad normal, but not one you'll likely use much; Main has other, better normals that do what this one does.

【j.A】 [Mid | Damage - 330 | Startup - 7f | Active - 5f | Recovery - 13f | Advantage - +8 ~ -5]

A steep-angled kick in midair. A decent jump-in normal when used late, despite hitting Mid, and pretty fast.

【j.B】 [High | Damage - 430 | Startup - 10f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 18f | Advantage - +9 ~ -7 | Jump cancelable]

Main swings a glowing fan in a sweeping angle, from above his head to nearly his ankles. Wide hitbox, good for crossups.

【j.C】 [High | Damage - ~580 | Startup - 11f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 16f | Advantage - +10 ~ -3 | Dash cancelable]

A steep, deep punch. Used more in air combos for the dash cancel property than for jumpins, as the hitbox is a bit short. On air-to-air CounterHit, causes a ground slide. (Damage seems slightly variable; 580 on Serena, 586 on Alcott?)

【j.D】 [High | Damage - 610 | Startup - 11f | Active - 4f | Recovery - Until you hit the ground, minimum ~40f | Advantage - -9 ~ -4]

Much like an aerial version of 5D, though riskier. A good air-to-air poke for denying airspace, with long reach that's difficult to challenge. The recovery is bad on whiff, but significantly better on hit or block, which isn't too hard to accomplish. On CH/Fatal Shift, it throws the opponent fullscreen with good untech time, maybe giving it utility in corner combos.

Command Normals

【6A】 [Mid | Damage - 320/480 | Startup - 10f | Active - 12f | Recovery - 17f | Advantage - -2 ~ -7]

Main throws a backfist in front of him accompanied by a burst of flame. Damage listed is for the fist, then the explosion. Has a property like Blazblue's 'Upper body invincibility', allowing it to beat aerial jumpins with ease. Fortunately or unfortunately, 2C is an easier move to antiair with, allows for easier pickup into a combo, and seems to lead into better damage. The cancel options on this move are better than 2C's, but still generally bad, so it likely won't see much use.

【6C】 [High | Damage - 850 | Startup - 20f | Active - 4f | Recovery - 20f | Advantage - -10]

Main performs an axe kick onto the opponent's head. It's an overhead, but difficult to use; at the ranges where this move can actually connect, you'll usually throw instead. Cannot be canceled on block into anything, making this a genuinely unsafe move. The T-cancel window is generous, making it possible to feint an overhead then go for low or throw.

【6D】 [Mid | Damage - 1090 | Startup - 16f | Active - 6f | Recovery - 31f | Advantage - -14 ~ -18 | Jump cancelable]

Main leans forward and a gout of fire rolls on the floor for roughly 2-3 character lengths. Main's highest-damage normal. Air blockable. Mainly used in combos, though the speed, range, and jump cancelable properties may make it viable for frame traps or pressure. It also makes for a highly damaging combo starter, though the uses are situational.


【Ground Throw】 [Throw | Damage - 640 | Startup - 41f | Active - 1f | Recovery - 16f | Advantage - ]

Main lobs the opponent airborne at an angle. Possible to jump forward and follow up with an air combo.

【Air Throw】 [Throw | Damage - 670 | Startup - 31f | Active - 1f | Recovery - 34f | Advantage - | Hard knockdown]

Grabbing the opponent, Main carries them down to the ground and slams them to the floor. Cannot be comboed (probably; maybe landing them on 214D?), but leaves Main with considerable frame advantage.

Special Moves

【236A/B + C + D - 朽ちる燐寸 + 解除 + 強射】 Air OK [Mid | Damage - 590-670 | Startup - ~ | Active - ~ | Recovery - ~ | Advantage - ~]

Main's projectile; A fire arrow from a fire-conjured bow. Usable on the ground and in the air, all versions of this projectile have quick startup and reasonable recovery.

A (ground) - Main draws and fires the arrow straight forward. 12f startup minimum, but you can hold the button to delay the arrow for as long as you want. Since almost all of Main's normals are special-cancellable and this move is +1 even in throw range, you can end nearly any blockstring with an arrow and still be safe if it's blocked.

B (ground) - The arrow is fired at an upward angle and rapidly drops. Like 236A, you can hold the button to delay the shot indefinitely. Might have some utility as an antiair, but is better used to threaten airspace and has some minor utility as oki. If Main is hit, the arrow disappears.

~C (either grounded version) - Arrow cancel. Pressing C anytime during startup (including holding an arrow) will cause Main to return to neutral. Recovers quickly enough to have uses in mindgames or mixup once you've earned respect.

~D (A ground ver only) - Ex Arrow. Costs 1 stock of Super meter. Pressing D during the startup of an A arrow shoots the arrow blazingly fast, making it somewhere around a 5f fullscreen poke.

A (air) - Main backflips and shoots the arrow down at a steep angle. This and B (air ver) are actually two hits; the arrow being formed has a hitbox, then another mid-flight. The arrows ground bounce on hit for soft knockdown, giving them use as an aircombo ender. Despite the similar graphic, this arrow has a significantly stronger hitbox than 236B (ground).

B (air) - Similar to A (air), but the angle is shallower; if done at the apex of a normal jump, the arrow will fall just short of full-screen. Firing either version removes Main's air options until he lands.

D (air) - Ex Arrow. 236A~D, without the A. Same speed, properties, etc. The main difference here over the other versions is the lack of recovery; Main keeps any air options (double jump, airdash, 236A/B) he had prior to firing.

【214A - 式を駆る者】 [N/A | Damage - | Startup - ~ | Active - ~600 | Recovery - ~ | Advantage - N/A]

The floor is hot lava. Main places his hand on the ground and creates a glowing circle on the field. While standing in it, the opponent will constantly take (recoverable) chip damage. The field lasts for around 600 frames or 10 seconds, deals approximately 1000 damage in chip, and does NOT go away if Main is hit. Up to two fields can be placed on the field at once. Standing in two fields does not double the rate of chip damage, but will 'stack' the chip damage duration until the opponent leaves the area.

【214B/C/D - 燃え盛る炎】 [Mid | Damage - 590-670 | Startup - ~ | Active - ~ | Recovery - ~ | Advantage - ~]

FrGout1.Main.png FrGout2.Main.png FrGout3.Main.pngFrGout4.Main.png FrGout5.Main.png FrGout6.Main.png FrGout7.Main.png

Hotfoot. Main tosses his hand up and fire erupts from the ground. B version hits at around 5D's maximum range, C version roughly twice that. The D version creates repeated gouts of flame that start beyond C distance and gradually work their way back towards Main. The D version dissipates after one hit, making it probably combo fodder and additional space control, rather than an oki tool.

【623A - 火華の羽衣】 [Throw | Damage - 1082 | Startup - f | Active - f | Recovery - f | Advantage - |]

Command grab, ending with an explosion that floats the opponent. Poor damage meterless, but allows for a standard BnB with 1 meter for an S-Cancel. Much like 6C, the range on this move is abysmal, meaning the only way you'll reasonably ever land this is by training your opponent.

【623B/C - 焔刀】 Air OK [Mid | Damage - 480/830 | Startup - 10f | Active - 6/9f | Recovery - 37/62f | Advantage - |]

Dragon Punch... kick. B version hits once, C version hits twice. Both versions have invul on startup until the first kick, with none on the C version's second kick. The second kick has a long untech time on CH/Fatal Hit, making it a potential combo tool. As with any other reversal, don't whiff this.

【41236C/D - 伐れた裂傷】 [ | Damage - 670/640 | Startup - 45/56f | Active - ~f | Recovery - ~f | Advantage - ~ |]

Delayed fire arrows. Main produces a small spark which drifts down to about waist height then changes into a fire arrow and immediately launches. C version follows the same path as his 236A, D version floats upwards slightly then drops at an angle at a similar angle to j236A. Has uses both as an oki tool and a combo tool.


【632146C - 火車の轍 "Path of the Fire Wheel"】 AIR OK [Mid | Damage - 440/hit, 10 hits maximum | Startup - 9f | Active - 67f | Recovery - | Advantage - |]

Fire wheel Super. Main swings his arm and creates an immense orb of flame that travels horizontally across the screen. Gigantic hitbox, quick startup, long active frames, deals a large amount of chip damage and guard gauge damage on block. Not amazing on damage, but the utility makes up for it. This can be used for oki, OTGs, and controlling large amounts of space. If your opponent is caught blocking this move in midair, there's typically enough time to run in for a free Air Unblockable. Excellent for convincing people to stay grounded.

【214214A - 満ちる月 "Waxing Moon"】 [N/A | Damage - -1250 | Startup - | Active - | Recovery - | Advantage - |]
EL Main 214214A.png

Healing Super. Main turns his back to the opponent, striking a pose, and recovers 12.5%/1250 HP. This move is very fast all around, with a quick startup, a pause after the superflash, and short recovery; it's probably due to this move alone that Main's grounded normals are all negative on block. Depending on range and matchup, you can get this Super off for free in some cases off of a blocked 5D, 236A full-screen, and even during some combos. There might be better uses for your meter most of the time, but this Super can also allow you to stall or run the round timer for a life lead, so don't rule it out entirely.


5AAA > 41236D > delay > 5B > 2C > delay > 6D > jc > jA > jC > 66(airdash) > jA > jB > j236A/B


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