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Patricia "Patty" Myers


Patty is a setup character who relies on stifling and tricky defensive play. To keep it as simple as possible, Patty's entire gameplan is to leave behind as many Prelude Keys (46+L) as possible around the stage. Patty also has a lot of freedom with where she places the Keys; thanks to her Sweet Tone (180°+L) she can set up Keys wherever she sends out the tone and even detonate Keys nearby when inputting the command again. When Prelude Keys come in contact with Patty's PSY moves they then detonate into large, oppressive circular hitbox which can lead to insane damage (this includes coming in contact with detonated Keys). She has a number of PSY moves that can be used for this purpose such as a wall ricochet projectile in Sonic Rhapsody(180°+S), Eternal Harp (466+L) which detonates all Prelude Keys at once, Saint Requiem (466+S) which is an invulnerable AOE move with a huge hitbox, and so on. Depending on which move connects with a Key, it will affect the size and active frames of that Key. She also has one of the most versatile space control moves in the game with Holy Purge (66+L) which creates a huge circle of surrounding projectiles. She even has a PSY counter with Reverse Noise (46+S), the only such move in the game (opposite Carlo's physical counter).

On the other end, Patty suffers a lot in the close range and typically has a rough time pressuring the opponent offensively relying much more on catching an opponent making mistakes. Without Prelude Keys to work with, she is fairly weak so she needs to dedicate time to setting them up. She also takes a lot of practice to really get comfortable with as where you put the Prelude Keys and how you approach each match is entirely up to you and how creative you are with Patty (Will you stack a bunch of keys in one spot or spread them out?), as a result she's a character with a lot of room for theory but if you enjoy taking time in the lab Patty will likely thrive in your hands.

Weight Class: Lightweight
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Can completely dominate the screen if she's able to set up
  • Opponents cannot remove Prelude Keys once they're set, and they stay out for roughly 30 seconds (the most of any setup move)
  • Has a pretty damaging toolkit
  • Holy Purge (66+L) can be used to box in an opponent, or protect Patty while she sets up
  • Does great at far range
  • Thrives in the hands of a creative player
  • Lacks a BnB or any guaranteed combos up close
  • Terrible normals
  • Has a tough time mounting pressure
  • Somewhat PSY meter dependent
  • Very little control over whether Prelude Keys go off

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