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Combo Babies/FAQ

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This is a page for commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't on here, feel free to join the Discord Server and ask!

This game is fun, how does matchmaking work?

In its current state, most tools for learning and matchmaking are in the Discord Server or by labbing it yourself in training mode. Matchmaking is done by pressing "1P vs Online" in the bottom right of the main menu. Selecting this will queue you for a game, and randomly match you with anyone else also searching. Private matchmaking is done by putting in a code in the "Private room name" text box in the options menu. If you and your opponent both enter the same thing, and choose "1P vs Private", you will quickly begin a match.

Sometimes me and my opponent get kicked to the menu after a match, what's happening?

This is desync, and it can be caused by a few things. One of you may be running an older version of the game, one of you may have their region set somewhere else, or it may have just desynced mid game because of lag. Private lobbies help to reduce desync, but if there is lag, a desync may happen at any time.

My connection is fine, but my opponent says they have lag. What's happening?

The delay in this game is one sided, and often has to do with how the person experiencing no lag runs the game. If you have this issue, try messing with the resolution settings and turn on Steam FPS display in the settings. Fine tune it to a point where you can play and your opponent doesn't lag.

Is there a tier list for this game?

With the small roster and generally high power of the characters, mixed with constant patches, a concrete tier list has yet to be found. Generally speaking, if you like one of the characters you can do just fine with them.

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