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Combo Babies/System

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General Terminology
  • Anti-air: A move used to knock opponents out of the air. Generally, each character has a 6A capable of doing this
  • Poke: A move used to control space in neutral. Characters all have a 6B capable of this.
  • Divekick: A term used to refer to the universal j2C input. This is not a divekick on all characters, but you will usually hear this move referred to as this or j2C.
  • Combo: An unbreakable series of attacks. You will know if your combo was real if the combo counter goes up or not (it will also increase on block to show a true blockstring). Combos are unbreakable without Burst.
  • Normals: A characters basic moves using A, B, and C.
  • Specials/EX specials: A characters 236, 214, and [4]6. EX specials can be accessed using the D button, which costs 1 bar of meter.
  • Supers: A characters 41236D. Supers all cost 1 bar, and are usually high damage things to tack on the end of combos.
  • Cancel: Cancelling the endlag of a move with another move/special.
  • Burst: A tool using 8D. Has multiple uses, but generally used to escape true combos. Requires the Burst meter to be full.
  • TOD/Touch of Death: A combo that does a characters full health.

General Gameplay

This will mostly be a list of systems and mechanics with short definitions of each.

  • Universal Things: Characters in this game share many universal mechanics. All characters have;
    • An upper body invulnerable 6A
    • A long reaching 6B
    • A divekick-like j2C
    • The same health (255)
    • A 3 frame 2A
    • A 2B that launches
    • A 2B and 5B that are jump-cancel-able
    • 236, 214, and [4]6 as their specials
  • Physics: The physics of this game are based on momentum/speed and knockback. Momentum carries over into most attacks, and attacks do a fixed amount of knockback. With high enough knockback, you can bounce your opponent around. You can bounce your opponent off the ground (groundbounce) only once per combo, but wallbounces can be repeated.
  • Knockdown: Comes in two forms: light and hard. Light knockdown is the most common, and will cause your opponent to roll backwards with some invincibility, recovering quickly. Hard knockdown leaves your opponent on the ground for quite some time, and allows okizeme and mixups.
  • Movement: Each character has a walk, dash, backdash, airdash, and double jump. This game also possesses more technical movement options, like wavedashing, instant airdash, and dashblock. Do be aware that some characters have non-standard dashes that can change what techniques they have at their disposal, namely Rex and Aesthir
    • Instand Air Dash: Done with 96 or 99, this allows characters to acess their jump normals quickly and low to the ground
    • Dash Block: Done with 661 or 441, cancels a dash into a block, but no momentum transfer
    • Wavedashing: Done with 6652 or DashButton2 and for back 4452 or 4DashButton52. You slide along the ground with dash momentum while crouching, and can cancel into any low move or another dash/wavedash. Incredibly fast forward movement. Does not work with diagonals as 3 will not cancel the dash and 1 halts momentum
    • Super Wavedash: A technique unique to Aesthir performed by hitting crouch right as the teleport happens, sending them across the stage in an instant
    • Air Superjump: done by neutral jumping right after a dash (DashButton8, 6658, 4458) this allows the character to keep their dash momentum in their jump which adds to horizontal mobility and can create new combo opperunities.
    • Double Jump Cancel: Double jumps have a few frames where they do not go up. Attacking during this window ends the double jump early, causing the character to have no horizontal speed and start falling. This can be used for tricky movement, like jump back Double Jump Cancel a forward jump, or used immedietly after a jump to fall right back down to the ground, which can open a lot of combo and mixup possabilities.

  • Meter: Meter can be built at any time by holding forward, 'as long as your opponent is not in a combo'. In hitstun, knockdown, mid combo, at any point, you can hold forward and build meter at a rate of 1/5th a bar per second. Other sources of meter build very little in comparison (getting a hit builds 1/75th of a bar, and blocking gets 1/30th)
  • Blocking: Blocking works like most other games. Overhead/low mixups exist, and blocking loses to throws. Instant block exists (shown as a shattering effect), and it significantly lowers blockstun.
  • Aerial overheads: All aerials done rising do not count as overheads, removing any instant overhead opportunities.

D Button


Input: 8D

There are three types of burst: yellow, blue, and red.

  • Yellow: Done from neutral, gives full meter on hit and causes soft knockdown.
  • Blue: Done from hitstun/blockstun, blows opponent back and causes soft knockdown.
  • Red: Done from any move, vacuums opponent in and causes soft knockdown.

Baby Cancel

Input: 2D

  • Costs 50% meter

  • Freezes both players, letting the player who used it free a few frames before the other (probably 3-5).
  • Freeze can be canceled if opponent is in hitstun.
  • Can be done during any part of any attack, in neutral, or during block.


Input: 6D or 3D

  • Can be done in the air
  • Can grab opponents on the ground or in the air
  • Can grab opponents in a combo
  • Swaps sides

Throw Teching

Input: 6D or 3D while being thrown

  • Can break out at multiple points in the throw
  • Some character's throws do damage before teching is an option
  • Throws used in combos can be teched as well
Tech/Guard OS

Nothing is mapped to 4D or 1D

Mashing those inputs will do nothing

Throws swap sides at the end

Will automatically tech the throw once it swaps sides, usually after the damage is dealt

Safe way to prevent throw combos in pressure but still vulnerable to damage

Opponent can baby cancel the inital part of a throw to beat this for 50 meter

EX Moves

Input: 236D, 214D, or [4]6D

  • Metered versions of a characters specials
  • Usually have some sort of powerful use over their meterless versions, and great to end combos as a way to add more damage
  • Most have complete or nearly complete invulnerability during their startup and active frames

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