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UVA-02 Helion

Boss Code

Summoning Spell to play as Helion - 882246B for player 1. The input is left/right mirrored if you are doing it as player 2. This input must be done very fast right after a VA has been selected (which VA it is doesn't matter). If performed correctly, Helion will pop up instead of the selected VA.

In the Capcom Fighting Collection, you can use the easy boss code of up(x2).


Helion has extremely strong air movement options coupled with many long-range attacks that make it very difficult to chase him down. Helion also has decent up close options do to his strong Light attacks on the ground, but you basically play a a hit and run away playstyle. If you like getting a lead and then running away for 99 seconds, Helion might be a dream come true.


  • The best aerial maneuverability in the game, once Helion flies away it is extremely difficult to catch up. This leads to a strong ability for Helion to maintain a lead once that has been achieved.
  • Strong super that is invincible and can be combo'd into fairly reliably.
  • Normal is always a toss throw, even if you use L for the input.


  • Despite having very strong air movement once in the air, Helion takes a long time to actually get off the ground with longer jump startup frames than average. This can make it difficult to get up in the air when under pressure.
  • Can be difficult to come back from a losing position as Helion, being forced to try options that don't have great risk/reward ratios.


5L - Active on frame 9. Kind of slow for a Light normal, but it has a good frontal arc with a good hitbox. Does not chain into anything as Helion has no target combos. Can combo into 63214L.
2L - Active on frame 6. Can combo into 63214L. No hurtbox on the laser part, so this can be used to clear mines.
5H - Active on frame 22. Shoots a laser upwards. Cannot be charge canceled after the attack is out. Be careful using this move as it leaves you very vulnerable to getting punished if your aim isn't dead on.
6H - Active on frame 22. Laser sweeps from in front of Helion's feet to the back of the screen. Ground focused version of 5H. Knocks down on hit, can remove offscreen mines.
2H - Active on frame 23. Laser sweep from a crouching position. Does not hit low. The range is about 70% of one screen. Good for clearing mines.
3H - Active on frame 27. Does not hit low. Slower than 2H but reaches further. Again, good for clearing mines.
j.L - Active on frame 5. Dives down from the sky with a claw attack. If you hit from a high angle, you will bounce back with a maximum of 5 hits which leaves you in a bad situation. If you hit from a lower angle that does less than 4 hits, you will not bounce back. It is important to get comfortable with which heights will give a bounce or no bounce in order to get a feel for when to use this. One way to get used to the correct height is to do it when the center of Helion's rotor is just above the lifebar, as seen here. If you press BL at the same time, this attack will always travel in the opponent's direction, so you can also you use it as a way to turn around in the air.
j.H - Active on frame 4. Fires 4 flame shots diagonally. This comes out and recovers quickly, but this attack does not hitstop nor hitstun even if it hits, so be aware that opponents can "armor" through and hit you if you do this from an unsafe range. Because of this it is often safer if it is blocked than if it "hits." Is treated as a bullet attack, so if there are other bullet attacks (like j.W) still on screen when you try to use this, you will get j.2H instead.
j.2H - Active on frame 3. Does not OTG. If this lands without bouncing, you get a large advantage on hit, allowing you to connect something like 2L for a combo.
Dashing L - Active on frame 5. Does four forward dash punches very quickly. This is decent on block and you can go for a tickthrow if the opponent is not on point with their guard canceling. The second hit can be canceled and combo'd into 63214L. If you have meter, you can let all four hits land and then combo into super on reaction. It is possible to charge cancel the second hit and immediately BL again, but this is difficult to do in practice.
Dashing H - Active on frame 15. Dashing laser. Starts higher and ends slightly closer than 2H, and you'll probably be using this from a back dash to make space.


Normal throw range - 36.
L throw - Normal toss throw. Gives you a lot of space to work with if it lands.
H throw - Identical to L throw. Basically use that one as 5L is better to get if you don't get the throw in most situations.


Beam Cannon
j.W - Active on frame 12. Throw bombs while retreating backwards. When the bombs hit the ground, a pillar of fire appears. If this pillar hits, it will knockdown. Is treated as a bullet attack, so if there are other bullet attacks (like j.H) still on screen when you try to use this, nothing will come out. This is a good to use when you jump over an opponent. This move can be good for clearing a way to land once you start to run out of boosts.


236 L, or H - Gott Kugel. Active on frame 25. A missile is shot in front. When the missile lands on the ground it turns into a continuous column of fire. The fire columns travel from front to back for the L version and vice versa for the H version. The missile itself knocks down on hit. The overall startup and recovery for this is very long, so if you use this while an opponent is flying at you, you will be in a lot of trouble. OTG's.
63214 L, or H - Flügel Bogen. L version is active on frame 14 and does one hit. H version is active on frame 18 and does 3 hits. Knocks down on hit. Because of the delay, only the L version can be used in combos. This is an important tool for Helion to combo into knockdown with when you have no meter.
j.214 L, or H - Himmel Fangen. A strike throw that jumps up in the air and then comes down. Active on frame 50. This move is the same regardless of which button is used to activate it. It isn't really clear when or how this move should be used.


LH - Giga Spin. Active on frame 21. This burst is invincible for a long time and has a big hitbox, but the startup is real slow. However, it is difficult to punish if on block, so it has that going for it.
236236A - Schlachtfeld Qual. Active on frame 2 after the super flash. Helion dashes at the opponent mashing at them before diving at them for a knockdown. This super is strong because of how fast it comes out, easy to combo into. However, be aware that it can jump over some of the smaller VA's like fordy in the center of the screen, but works in the corner. Helion is incredibly reliant on this super in order to do a lot of damage at once. On block opponents can boost out of blockstun by holding upback and mashing B, which allows them to punish Helion from behind, so be careful when you throw it out.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
j.L (1~4 Hits)>BL (4 Hits)>236236A. One of Helions most used combos. Easy to do and can be done with j.2H instead of j.L.
j.L (1~4 Hits)>BL (2 Hits)>63214L. A variant of the above combo for when you don't have any meter. It is a little difficult to combo 63214L from BL, so it may take some practice.
L or 2L>63214L. Something you can buffer into your light normals during footsies. If your opponent has a strong punish combo they can do on you, maybe avoid trying for this.
(Off the edge of the screen) crossup j.W (4 Hits)>j.L (1~4 Hits)>BL (4 Hits) > 236236A. Big damage combo from crossup j.W, which can be difficult to block. The bombs must hit the target and not hit the floor, which will cause a blast that knocks the opponent down example video here.

Extra Resources

Japanese wiki page for Helion. Much of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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