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Bullet Counters

The UI for bullet counters. Each icon is one Counter.

Bullet Counters are the main resource in Schwarzerblitz. Serving as the game's equivalent to Super Stocks, they are a vital aspect to all areas of the game. They can be used to improve your offensive, defensive, and combo games.

Consuming/Regaining Counters

You start off every game with six counters. You consume one bullet every time you perform one of the following actions:

You regain a set amount of bullets at the start of each round, depending on if you won or lost the previous round:

  • If you won, you regain one counter.
  • if you lost, you regain 2 counters.

Notice, however, that you can't have more than 6 bullet counters at any given time.

Bullet Counters can't be gained by any other mean and constitute a limited resource. Some characters are more suited to use them offensively (e.g. Krave, Lazor), some to use them defensively (e.g. Wally, K-069). Managing them is the key to successfully dictate the flow of a match.




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