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Impact Cancel (or Trigger Cancel) is an advanced offensive technique which can be performed by every character (with one important exception listed later). It is performed by pressing (or keeping pressed) Trigger + Guard right as an Impact attack successfully connects with the opponent. If the Impact attack is guarded, the Impact Cancel cannot be performed. To perform an Impact Cancel, one Bullet Counter is required. If the Cancel is successful, a gunshot sound will be heard. There are two different types of Impact Cancel:

  • Run Impact Cancel
  • Jump Impact Cancel

Run Impact Cancel

To perform a Run Impact Cancel (RIC), in addition to Trigger and Guard, the direction towards the opponent must be kept pressed. This will put the attacking character in a special running state that cannot be jump canceled. The run speed in this specific state is 3 times faster than usual and gains all benefits of Trigger Mode, plus an additional 1.2 damage multiplier, bringing the total damage multiplier up to 1.44x. Only a running attack can be performed in this state, but if said attack can be canceled or chained into another move, the new move will keep Trigger Mode active. Usually, only one Imact Cancel can be performed per chain, but there are some characters who have ways to circumvent this rule (e.g. Krave can perform a short combo into Impact into Impact Cancel again after his running Mr. Driller).

Jump Impact Cancel

To perform a Jump Impact Cancel (JIC), in addition to Trigger and Guard, the direction 7, 8 or 9 must be kept pressed. Contrary to a RIC, a JIC adds no beneficial effects, short of canceling the Impact animation. It could be useful to keep pressure or perform a jumping mixup near the corner, where there is not enough space or time to perform a running followup attack.


Projectile attacks cannot be Impact Canceled, as well as most throws and attacks with dynamic camera. Krave's 5T throw is an exception to this rule, as it can be Impact Canceled like a normal Impact Attack. Wally is per se an exception, as he has no valid non-projectile Impact Attacks, thus making this techinque completely unavailable for him, except out of his wake-up reversal.




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