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How does this game differ from traditional Street Fighter games?

The first thing to know is that this does not play like a regular Street Fighter game at all. There is very little from the Capcom-developed games that transfers over here, and new players would do better by treating it as an all-new game and learning everything from the ground up.

This game is often considered "the Anime Street Fighter," moreso than even Marvel vs. Capcom. Compared to Capcom's Street Fighter, the engine has a wider margin of error in execution and very little hitstop and knockback on hits, which enables combos that would not otherwise be possible. It is overall a faster game than Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This game has mid-air footsies, juggles, and rushdown. This game is not about controlling space and playing neutral.

An important part of SFTM is juggling. Get a feel for this quickly, both to abuse it for your benefit and to avoid putting yourself in situations where you will lose half a lifebar from being jabbed out of the air.

Which character should I pick?

The tier list is constantly changing and community consensus is that any character can win. No characters are banned in competition, but a few obscure glitches are.

If you're familiar with any of the characters in this game from other contemporary Street Fighter games, you can use them as a starting point. The difference in feel for how that character plays in this game will become apparent very quickly in your first match—any difficulties you may have had with said character in other games is likely to not exist here. Therefore, it is a better idea to try and find what a given character is capable of first, instead of just looking for a powerful character to win with.

When you find a character that you want to play, learn their Interrupts and get comfortable with them. This is a very offense-focused game and Interrupts are vital for high-level play. They aren't Alpha Counters; don't even think of them as a defensive mechanic. Think of them as a way to shift into offense. It is even possible to start combos off of some of them.

PS1/Saturn Versions?

The PlayStation and Sega Saturn games titled Street Fighter: The Movie (Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film in Japan) are not ports of the arcade game and have no connection to it other than the digitized sprites. These games were developed by Capcom themselves and are consequently much closer to Super Street Fighter II Turbo than the game by Incredible Technologies. The arcade game covered by this wiki is sometimes referred to as Street Fighter: The Movie Arcade Edition (SFTMAE) to distinguish it from the console games; no port of it was made for home markets.

Random Select

Press Up + Start to select a random character.

Hidden Modes

In the character select screen, enter one of these codes before either player has selected a character to apply modifiers to the next match. The most reliable way to input these codes is to press the Start button followed by the corresponding button below. For commands with a direction, hold the direction as you press Start and the button. These buttons must be pressed in rapid succession to avoid accidentally selecting a character before enabling the mode. These codes must be done twice. The name of the mode will be marked with a question mark on the first input, and an exclamation mark to confirm it is enabled. These modifiers can be stacked, but will cancel any previous modifier that is incompatible with it.

Mode Command Restrictions
No Meters LP
Inviso Tag
When you land a hit, you turn invisible until the other player lands a hit.
MP VS only, both players must enter
No Throws HP VS only, can be enabled per player
No Specials LK VS only, not compatible with Specials Only
Specials Only MK VS only, not compatible with No Specials
Tag Team
Select two characters; the second enters on KO. In a 1-player game, this does not require a second input. See Advanced Mechanics: Tag Team Mode for details.
Double Damage Right+LP VS only, will affect both players if entered by one player
Speed Select
Enter multiple times to cycle speed settings.
Right+MP VS only, will affect both players if entered by one player
No Blocking Right+HP VS only, can be enabled per player
Combo Mode
Reduced pushback.
Right+LK VS only, will affect both players if entered by one player
No Kicks Right+MK VS only, not compatible with No Punches
No Punches Right+HK VS only, not compatible with No Kicks
Screen is flipped vertically. Combine with Wacky Mode to match the controls with the new orientation of the screen.
Left+LP VS only, will affect both players if entered by one player
Wacky Mode
Up/down and left/right controls reversed. This reversal takes effect immediately on the character select screen.
Left+MP VS only, can be enabled per player
Swap Players
Players select their opponent’s character.
Left+HP VS only, both players must enter
Strobe Mode
Flashes the screen white every other frame. Epilepsy warning!! Do not use in public settings!
Down+MP VS only, both players must enter
Both players invisible when not in hit stun. Stages with reflective floors will still reveal invisible players.
Classic Throws
Throws that send the opponent in the opposite direction will instead always send them in the direction you're facing. In addition, some characters cannot be thrown while in wakeup animation.
Down+MK VS only, can be enabled per player
Clear Modes Down+HK
Test Stage
Forces next stage to be a test area with programming counters on screen. Does not require a second input. Does not show confirmation.

Classic Soundtracks

Input these buttons, and only these buttons, during the versus splash. Any other inputs before successful selection will prevent any classic soundtracks from being selected. After one player chooses a classic soundtrack, the other player can overrule it with their own input before the versus splash ends. Blanka and Fei Long have classic soundtracks despite not making playable appearances in this game.

These codes will have no effect on Daytime A.N. Headquarters and the test stage, where the character select music will continue playing into the match.

Akuma Balrog Bison Blanka Cammy Chun-Li Fei Long
Guile Honda Ken Ryu Sagat Vega Zangief

Easter Eggs

Komande Center Video Clips

Press these buttons at any time, including before the round starts, to replace the video footage in the monitors with a brief clip from the movie.

Input Description
Start Guile makes an impolite gesture to the camera.
LK, LK, MK, HK Guile does Flash Kicks to Bison.
HK, LK, LP, HP Vega puts his mask on.
LP, MP, MK, HK Cammy fighting outside Bison's base.
LP, LK, MK, MP Ken punches Sagat in the face.
LK, LP, MK, HP Chun Li breaks her handcuffs.
LP, LP, MK, HK Ryu brandishes a sword in the Tong Warehouse arena.
LK, LK, MP, HK Bison uses Electric Arc.

Tong Warehouse Explosions

  • Press LP, MP, MK, HK, HP, LK while on the ground to cause one spectator to explode. This can be repeated until all spectators are gone.
  • Press LK, MP, HK, HP, MK, LP when the helicopter is visible to cause it to explode.

Temple Ruins Bird Hunt and Accessing Daytime A.N. Headquarters

Press LP, LK to shoot down one of the birds in the sky with a loud explosion sound. This can be repeated until all birds have been shot down, though some shots may happen after a delay if no birds are visible. If at least five birds are shot down this way between both players before the end of the match, the next stage will be Daytime A.N. Headquarters. The character select screen music will continue playing into this stage rather than the normal A.N. Headquarters theme.

A.N. Headquarters Explosion

  • Normal stage: Press LP, LK, LK, LP to cause the guard in the background to explode. Press HK, MK, LK, HP, MP, LP to cause the crates in the foreground to explode.
  • Daytime stage (see above): Press MP, LP, LP, MP to cause the guard in the background to explode.

Audits Screen

The audits section of the service menu contains various bookkeeping statistics, as well as a table of secrets found on page 4, inspired by Midway doing the same with the Mortal Kombat arcade games, complete with red herrings to inspire rumors.

Audit Description
SECRET1 Increases by 1 when Arkane is selected.
SECRET2 Increases by 1 when F7 is selected.
SECRET3 Increases by 1 when Khyber is selected.
SECRET4 Increases by 1 when the test stage is accessed.
BLANKA FOUND Red herring. Blanka does not make an appearance in this game as a character other than the random pop-up appearance during a round in progress, tracked by the BLANKA FIGHT audit.
KHYBER FOUND Increases by 1 when Khyber is challenged in the single-player game.
ARKANE FOUND Increases by 1 when Arkane is challenged in the single-player game.
SNAKE FOUND Likely red herring. There is no character named Snake in this game.
FATALITY1 Increases by 1 when a Tong Warehouse spectator is blown up.
SECRET5 Increases by 1 when the crates in the foreground of A.N. Headquarters are blown up.
SECRET6 Increases by 1 when the guard in A.N. Headquarters is blown up.
SECRET7 Increases by 2 when the helicopter at Tong Warehouse is blown up while it is visible through the windows, or by 1 if it is blown up when not visible.
SECRET8 Increases by 1 when Daytime A.N. Headquarters is accessed.
BLANKA FIGHT Increases by 1 when Blanka makes a random appearance during a fight.
FEILONG FOUND Increases by 1 whenever Fei Long replaces Honda or Cammy in the Dungeon stage background.

Balrog (Boxer)
Bison (Dictator)
Chun Li
Vega (Claw)