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  • Back Step: An evasive maneuver that allows the player to retreat quickly. Executed by tapping back, back (44) quickly. Back Stepping is not invulnerable.
  • Button Locking (BL or Parry): A universal system mechanic which allows the user to absorb, deflect, or parry an oncoming attack. While similar to guarding, Button Locking is different in that it completely removes any chip damage or disadvantage that would have normally occurred if an attack had been guarded instead. Upon successfully parrying an attack, the "defender" is able to cancel the parrying animation into another parry/BL, guard, or retaliate with an attack or any other desired action. Can be performed in the air as well as on ground.
  • Button Locking Counter Hit (BLCH): When attempting a BL parry the executor momentarily enters a counter hit state where any damage taken during this brief time period will be increased x1.5, frame disadvantage will be increased when hit while grounded, and/or being hit airborne will result in a non-air recoverable launcher. Additionally, depending on the attack used, the offender will trigger unique properties for specific attacks upon a successful BLCH. E.g. Hanzo's Jumping HK or Chadha's Standing HP as an Air BLCH hit will produce a ground bounding effect.
  • EX Special: An enhanced version of a special move which can be executed by using the desired command plus both punch or both kick attacks (E.g. 214+LP+HP or 236+LK+HK). Requires 1/2 of an SP bar.
  • Front Step: A dashing command forward that allows the player to advance faster than walking. Executed by tapping forward, forward (66) quickly.
  • Guard Clash (Guard Crush): Guard Clash (or Crush) results from defending until the Guard Gauge is depleted entirely. Upon Guard Clash the defender will be forced into a reel-back (stagger) animation in which they will be unable to defend or attack for a brief period of time.
  • Guard Break (Unblockable Attack): Performed by pressing HP+HK. The attacker's palette will become shaded, indicating a Guard Break is starting, followed by a heavy attack animation. Guard Break is unblockable and will result in an immediate Guard Crush if attempting to defend it. The opening created after a Guard Crush via Guard Break, however, is significantly shorter than a normal Guard Crush.
  • Guard Gauge: Indicates how long a defender is able to guard attacks successfully before having their defense broken (See: Guard Clash). The rate in which meter depletes is based on attack strength and meter will replenish over time when not defending or receiving damage, and will be fully restored after being Guard Crushed.
  • Heavy Button Locking (Lever Button Locking): An advanced Button Locking technique that yields more frame advantage after a successful parry.
  • High Button Locking (HBL): A standing parry performed by inputting HBL at the moment of impact of an attack. Can only parry high-level attacks (E.g. Jumping attacks, UOH) and some mid-level attacks that can be guarded at any level.
  • High Jump: A jump command that results in a higher arced jump. A forward high jump tends to produce a shallow, low-angled jump arc while a high jump neutral or back will produce a higher angled, "floaty" jump arc. Performed by quickly tapping any down direction then the desired jump direction.
  • High Jump Counter Hit: Performing a high jump will leave a character in a special counter hit state for the entire duration of the high jump. Being hit at any time during the high jump will result in double damage being dealt to the target.
  • Leap Attack: See: "Overhead Attack". Also known as "UOH".
  • Low Button Locking (LBL): A crouching parry performed by inputting LBL at the moment of impact of an attack. Can only parry low-level attacks which must be guarded low (E.g. 3+HK/HP sweeps) and some mid-level attacks that can be guarded at any level.
  • Omit Idol (Omit Idle): A technique which removes/cancels recovery frames on attacks or actions by buffering commands nearing the end of that attack or action.
  • Overhead Attack (Universal Overhead): A hopping overhead strike that can evade many low attacks and can only be high guarded or high parried (HBL). UOH is performed with LP+HP and can be executed from the crouching position.
  • Piyori (Stun or Dizzy): Taking damage repeatedly will build stun points and eventually lead to the receiver being stunned. When initially stunned, the dizzied player will be launched into the air in a juggle state similar to an air BLCH. The target after will still be stunned when standing, leaving them open to receive more damage unless the daze is recovered from. Stun recovery duration can be anywhere from 90 to 150 frames. Throws and Super Moves cannot stun but will hold current stun values until some time has passed without guarding or receiving more damage.
  • Red Button Locking (Red Parry): An advanced Button Locking technique that allows a defender to parry from a guarding state. Red Parry timing is far more strict than a normal parry and attempting to do so will cause the defender to exit guard and enter a neutral state, leaving them momentarily unable to block any subsequent attacks.
  • Red Combo: A Red Combo is displayed on the hit counter/combo display (changes from white to red) and indicates that a combo is invalid. This will usually occur during Super Move air juggle reset attempts and the option to Air Parry in this situation becomes available for the defender to avoid such combo attempts.
  • Reduce: Damage received by attacks can be reduced (by 5%) by pressing either punch (for punch-type attacks) or kick (for kick-type attacks) within 1 frame of the attack connecting.
  • SP Gauge: Special Gauge stock located at the bottom corners of the HUD. The number adjacent to the stock (0, 1, 2) indicates the current number stocks stored. The Gauge is also partitioned to indicate a half-filled stock for EX Move usage. Super Moves require one bar while EX Moves require half of a bar to execute.
  • Super Armor: A special property attributed to certain special moves allowing oncoming attacks to be absorbed and blown through (E.g. Chada 623PP). Damage is still received while armoring through attacks (x1.5 modifier).
  • Super Move Reinforcement: Increases the damage of a selected Super Move x1.2. The super that has been Reinforced is indicated aside the SP Gauge. Red Light = Super Move 1 reinforced, Blue Light = Super Move 2 reinforced.
  • Tech Hit (Throw Break): A defensive maneuver allowing the target of a normal throw to "break away" from a hold or throw attempt. Pressing LP+LK while being thrown will result in the attacker being pushed off, creating space between the players. Breaking a throw early or late will result in different throw break animations and distance created.
  • Ukemi: Ground recovery when downed. Using punch or kick when landing from a down determines how the downed character will stand. Punch Ukemi will produce an immediate, invulnerable back roll (quick standing) while Kick Ukemi will result in a delayed standing. Ukemi cannot be performed after some throws and all Super Moves (if all hits connect).