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Both players are brought into Bloody Valor when Valor Burst hits.

In this Rock, Paper, Scissors segment, the player who initiated Bloody Valor has the option to choose between:

  • Rock (Break Attack Button): Dealing damage to the opponent. (Non-lethal damage, cannot KO)
  • Paper (Close Ranged Attack Button): Recovering health.
  • Scissors (Long Ranged Attack Button): Gain SP Gauge.

The defender (the player who got hit by Valor Burst) only has the option to deal damage (non-lethal) to the opponent with all three options.

If the player who initiated Bloody Valor wins, their Valor Level increases by one and Bloody Valor starts again.

Bloody Valor ends when:

  • The initiator increases to Valor Level 3 (max level).
  • There’s a draw. (If a draw happens, the initiator still wins and gains a Valor Level.)
  • The defender wins. (The defender’s Valor Level does not increase even if they win.)

As the initiator, you have more leeway with your choices as your probability of winning is greater since two of the three choices will give you a positive outcome plus a level up.

As for the defender, you have two gameplans. Make an estimated guess on what your opponent is going for, or opt to cover the option that would hurt you in the long run.

Don't worry, you can skip the cutscene.

Valor Level

Ketsui level.pngKetsui level max.png

Upon winning a Bloody Valor that you initiated, your Valor Level increases by one up to the maximum level of three.

With every level, each character is given a specific upgrade:

Valor Level 1

  • A unique trait(s) is given depending on the character. Examples would be Ryuko’s increased speed, Satsuki’s increased damage, etc.

Valor Level 2

  • One of the three Specials a character has becomes enhanced.

Valor Level 3

  • Your SP Gauge automatically fills over time.
  • Grants access to FIBER LOST SECRET ARTS.
  • You can still perform a Valor Burst, but it won't trigger Bloody Valor.

Bloody Valor
Patch Notes
Ryuko Dual-Wield
Satsuki Dual-Wield