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With KLKIF being on the PS4, Switch, and PC, a notation system is to be put in place to better explain specific attacks or combos across all platforms.

To make the learning process as smooth as possible, numpad notation will be used for directional inputs as they're used in multiple other fighting games.

Numpad Notation

7.gif 8.gif 9.gif
4.gif 6.gif
1.gif 2.gif 3.gif
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward


When no directional input is pressed (neutral.)


The directions used to do a horizontal attack.

Inputting either left(4) or right(6) will give you the same attack.


The directions used to do a vertical attack.

Inputting either down(2) or up(8) will give you the same attack.



The notation that is tied to Close Ranged Attack.

Example: Horizontal Close Ranged Attack = 4/6A


The notation that is tied to Long Ranged Attack.

Example: Standing Long Ranged Attack = 5B


The notation that is tied to Break Attack.

Example: Standing Break Attack = 5C


Short for Step Dash or Dash Attack (an attack out of a Step Dash.)

Example: Close Ranged Attack from a Step Dash = d.A

Example: Step Dash forward = d8

Example: Step Dash, but direction does not matter = dX


Short for Enhanced Attack (an attack when timed correctly will become enhanced.)

Example: Enhanced Close Ranged Attack from a Step Dash = E5A


Short for Guard (Blocking).


Short for Homing Dash (an attack out of a Homing Dash.)

Example: Close Ranged Attack from a Homing Dash after a Wallsplat = Wallsplat HD d.A

Example: Aerial Homing Dash = j.HD

(Jump + Guard is done for Homing Dash).


Short for jump.

Example: Jumping Long Ranged Attack = j.B


Short for Special, done with Deathblow + an attack button.

Example: Break Attack Special = sp.C

(Deathblow + Guard is done for Valor Burst and Counter Burst).

( )

Indication that you need to cancel an attack that hits multiple times before all of the hits connect.

Example: 5A(3) = Cancel after the third hit from 5A

[ ]
The notation that is tied to holding down a button.

Example: Charged Long Ranged Attack = 5[B]

Example: Partially Charged Long Ranged Attack = 5p[B]

The notation means doing exact frame attacks

Example: 5:A means when 5A is done frame perfectly for a certain situation.


The notation means delay

Example: 5A dl 5A


The notation means cancel

Example: 5B > d8 = Canceling Neutral B's recovery with a Front Step Dash.


Since KLKIF is a 3D arena fighter, you'll be free to move side to side, forward and back, diagonally, or in circles.

Regardless of the position of your character (or if the over-the-shoulder camera is behind them or not), forward will always be forward, right will always be right, etc.

Walkspeed Ranking
Inumuta (Thermo Optic Camouflage) 1st
Ryuko (Valor Level 1) 2nd
Mako (Tension Level 4) 3rd
Inumuta 4th
Satsuki Dual-Wield 5th
Ryuko 6th
Ryuko Dual-Wield (Valor Level 1) 7th
Mako (Tension Level 3) 8th
Mako (Tension Level 2) 9th
Satsuki 10th
Ryuko Dual-Wield 11th
Jakuzure 12th
Mako 13rd
Sanageyama 14th
Nui 15th
Gamagoori 16th
DTR 17th
Ragyo 18th


Pressing the Jump button makes your character jump with free movement in the air afterwards.

With this you can jump forward, and then drift back to your original landing spot. You can also do sick 360's.


Pressing the Guard button causes your character to block in place against incoming attacks.

Attacks do not deal chip damage, and you're rewarded meter for successfully blocking attacks.

Types of Attacks

KLKIF is a 3 button fighter with each button having their own unique purpose.

There are the expected grounded and aerial attacks, but everyone also has exclusive attacks from dashing.

Close Ranged Attacks

KLKIF Close Ranged Attack 1.jpgKLKIF Close Ranged Attack 2.jpg

Your go-to attacks to throw out when close to your opponent and to quickly apply pressure.

Pressing the button multiple times performs followup attacks. Depending on the inputted direction, you will perform an attack that excels in covering specific actions.

Horizontal inputs will give you attacks that hit to the side, allowing you to catch Step Dashes and side movement. These moves don't hit as high and can be jumped.

Vertical inputs give you a narrow attack that hits upwards. Generally used as an anti-air that can be a combo starter.

Long Ranged Attacks

KLKIF Long Ranged Attack.jpg

A character's mid to long range options mostly consisting of projectiles.

Long Ranged Attacks can cancel into multiple followups afterwards which doesn't make you much of a sitting duck when zoning. This can be used to close the distance on your opponent and travel with your projectiles.

Charging Long Ranged Attacks will give the move additional effects such as increased range, speed, damage, etc. You can also charge aerial Long Ranged Attacks to air stall, causing your character to float based on the direction of your jump.

Break Attacks

KLKIF Break Attack.png

Unblockable attacks that act as a replacement for having no grab system. On startup, the character emits flashing stars and plays the familiar Goku Uniform "dingaling" sound.

Although they have weaknesses such as slow startup, long recovery, or short range, they're strong options if the opponent doesn't counterplay against them.

Horizontal Step Dash is invincible against most Break Attacks on frame 1.

Some Break Attacks must be jumped instead of sidestepped.

Step Dash

KLKIF Step Dash.jpg

A universal dash that can be performed while blocking and inputting a direction. Can be performed left, right, forward, or back.

Specific moves can be done exclusively out of a vertical Step Dash (Ragyo can do Dash attacks from horizontal Step Dashes as well.)

Step Dash can be done in the air to perform an Air Dash. Air Dashing to the ground lets you act immediately into a Dash attack.

Horizontal Step Dash is invincible against most Break Attacks on frame 1, making it a good wakeup option to avoid Break Attack okizeme.

Commonly known as "sidestep".

Homing Dash

KLKIF Homing Dash.jpg

Homing Dash causes your character to home in on the opponent and quickly attack for 50 damage.

This can be performed by pressing the jump button while blocking. Jumping while airborne causes you to do an aerial Homing Dash.

Homing Dash allows you to armor through low priority projectiles after the initial startup.

Both variants of Homing Dash can be dash canceled after the initial startup.

Grounded Homing Dash can be canceled into Dash attacks.

Homing Dash Speed Ranking
Satsuki Dual-Wield (Enhanced) 1st
Satsuki (Enhanced) 2nd
Ryuko (Valor Level 1) 3rd
Mako (Tension Level 4) 4th
Satsuki Dual-Wield 5th
Ragyo 6th
Satsuki 7th
Ryuko Dual-Wield (Valor Level 1) 8th
Mako (Tension Level 3) 9th
Inumuta 10th
Mako (Tension Level 2) 11th
Ryuko 12th
Sanageyama 13th
Ryuko Dual-Wield 14th
Nui 15th
Gamagoori 16th
Mako 17th
DTR 18th
Jakuzure 19th

Bloody Valor
Patch Notes
Ryuko Dual-Wield
Satsuki Dual-Wield