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Chouhi is a very agile, in-your-face character, with decent normals and range to boot. Being the only character with a true command throw, she excels at close range. Her only real problem is that she gets out-ranged easily by most of the cast. Chouhi is your character if you want a very strong character at close-range, but do not mind putting in a little work to get in.


cl.5B/5C , 623B/C

  • Small punish combo. 1820/2220 normal hit, 1920/2350 Counter hit. Only use cl.5C against very unsafe moves, as it tends to start up a little slower

j.C land , j.C > 236C

  • leads into a pretty good throw setup too.

j.C > 236C(deep) , cl.5C > 623C

FC , j.8C , 6B , dash j.9C > j.236X , slight dash 6C , j.9C > j.236X , 3B , j.9C > j.236X , cl.5C > 623B/C

  • Simple FC combo, performed close to corner. Does 5360 damage from FC 3C starter
  • Damage may vary depending on the number of times j.236X hits
  • In order to maximize damage and have better stability, each j.236X should hit three times
  • cl.5B , 236B+C ender does 7900 damage

FC , 8j.C , 6C , dash under cl.5B > 623B , dash cl.5B > 623A+B , 236D(chains) , dash jump over j.C(hit on backside) > j.236C , land 6B , dash 9j.C(hit backside) > j.236C , 3B , wait j.C > j.236C , land TK j.236C , cl.5C > 623C.

  • Midscreen only a bit trickier but does 6500 damage with overall meter gain.

Move List

Normal Moves


Chouhi performs a hand chop while leaning forward. Decent range. Useful for pressure.


While crouching, Chouhi performs a patting motion at the opponent to swing at them. Less range than 5A. Can be blocked high. Not much use for this move.


Chouhi leaps at the opponent with a body splash. It is not active for the entire duration, so it must be timed late as a jump-in. Can cross up. You will not be using this much due to its limited range.


Chouhi swings her spear to the side in a sweeping motion to hit the opponent. Hits at about one character length away. Decent speed. Use this at its max range to check an opponent.


(Cancelable) Chouhi swings her spear overhead and slightly in front of herself to hit the opponent. Even on block. Only really useful for punishing or for combos.


(Cancelable) Chouhi spins on the ground using one hand with spear held in the other hand to attack. Roughly the same range as 5B. Excellent ranged low due to its speed.


With a mighty swing, Chouhi swings her spear directly below her. This is only really useful as a round-ending neutral jump instant overhead, due to it being unsafe on hit and non-cancelable.


Chouhi swings her spear like a baseball bat. Due to its recovery you won't be using this much. Can be held down and charged. When held, it can be canceled with the D button. Has three charge levels:

lv1: 1600 damage
lv2: 2000 damage
lv3: (FATAL) causes knockdown. 2400 damage

(Cancelable) Chouhi shouts at the top of her lungs and sends the opponent reeling back a bit. Only useful for punishes or for combos due to its somewhat slow startup.


(FATAL) As if throwing a tantrum, Chouhi slams the spear into the ground. Very slow startup. Only useful for combos, and even then you won't be using this move that much.

  • FC: Causes ground bounce.

(Cancelable) Chouhi swings her spear underneath in a sweeping motion that ends slightly behind her. This is your go-to air-to-air and jump-in. Has an excellent hitbox, and can easily crossup. You'll also be using this for Fatal Counter combos. However, due to its somewhat slow startup you have to commit to using it as air-to-air.

Command Normals


Chouhi slides forward a bit to elbow the opponent. Slight disadvantage on block. Use 5A instead.


(FATAL) Chouhi stomps the ground hard while leaping in the air. Can hop over some lows. Useful in close range as a high/low when used in conjunction with 2B.

  • FC: Causes ground bounce.

(FATAL) Chouhi uses her spear as a pole vault to kick the opponent in the face. Slightly more range than 3C only by a few pixels.

Hops over some lows. Try to space this at max range when using it, as it's disadvantage on block. The opponent can still get a small punish, however, so use it sparingly.

  • FC: Causes wall bounce.

(FATAL) Chouhi slides head first towards the opponent. On normal hit it knocks down. Despite appearances, the active hitbox is Chouhi's head and not her hands, so keep that in mind when trying to use it at max range. Great FC poke, and low profiles. It is disadvantageous on block; however, due to its range and the fact that it's a moving low you'll be using this quite a bit in neutral for footsies.

Special Moves

Totsugeki Kankou - j.236ABC

Chouhi dives at the opponent with energy surrounding her in the shape of a bird. Although disadvantage, this is a great tool for spacing versus characters that out-range her. All button strengths function the same for this move.

  • EX Version

Slight pause on activation, does one hit. Unsafe on block. No real use for this outside of screwing up the opponent's timing for an anti-air due to its long startup. It also must be blocked high, so it could be used as a double-overhead (i.e. jump-in j.C, j.236A+B). Once again, since it's startup is significant, it can't really be used as a reliable instant overhead. However, it is possible to do this very low to the ground.

Mouko no Geki - 623ABC

With energy emanating from her hand, Chouhi leaps at the opponent. On hit, she tumbles the opponent and throws them. Does extra damage if they hit the wall.

  • A Version

Chouhi leaps into the air, hand outstretched. Excellent anti-air. Whiffs crouching opponents.

  • B Version

Chouhi leaps off of the ground slightly. Can be blocked crouching. Useful for punishes or combos.

  • C Version

Chouhi slides towards the opponent's feet. Must be blocked low. Useful for punish or combos, or as a low profile poke in neutral.

  • EX Version

Fully invincible on startup. Can be used as an anti-air or reversal.

Mouko Funsaigeki - 641236ABC

Chouhi's command throw. This can also be performed as 2146X or 646X. All button strengths function the same. The button strength affects the range and damage, but the differences are so minimal that it doesn't really matter. Useful for pressure.

  • A Version

Does 1840 damage. Has the most range but does the least damage.

  • B Version

Does 1920 damage. The range and damage is between that of the A and C versions.

  • C Version

Does 2000 damage. Least range of the three but does the most damage.

  • EX Version

Does 2000 damage. Fully invincible on startup. Has range equivalent to the A version, or slightly more. Can be used as a reversal.


Dabou Souda - 2363214C

Chouhi strikes the ground with amazing force. Hits at about two character lengths. The energy that shoots up from the ground can also hit an airborne opponent. Normal hit and Counter hit function the same, with Counter hit doing more damage (1600 and 1760, respectively). It is possible to get a small followup on hit.

On block, this super Guard Crushes, which puts you and the opponent both back at neutral. Can be used as a reversal.

Kengo Bouatsu - 236B+C

Chouhi lets out a large shout. Looks similar to cl.5C but much larger. The startup of this super is near-instant, due to it being a whiff with no actual start-up animation. Tack onto the end of a Fatal Counter combo for extra damage, or do it immediately after a Fatal Counter crumple for an easy confirm.


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