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Chō'un Shiryū (趙雲 子龍, Zhao Yun - Zilong)

Real name: Sei (星, Xing)

A mysterious girl who appears calm, collected, and very powerful. She has a bit of a mischievous side and teases the other girls whenever the opportunity arises. She also assumes the identity of a hero of justice named Butterfly Mask. Despite her playful nature, she is surprisingly pure at heart.

Normal Moves


(Cancelable) Chouun turns her back and kicks at the opponent. There is a high chance that you won't be using this often.


(Cancelable) One of Chouun's primary poking tools. Get used to using this...because you will be using it a lot.


(Cancelable) A useful normal for fatal counter combos and overall pressure. cl.B is the only chainable normal which can be chained (and delayed) into cl.C


Great mid-range poke with decent recovery.

2B .

(Cancelable) Fast low cancelable poke, absolutely fantastic.


(FATAL) cl.C is the best normal to use as far as damage goes, and can be used to counter terrible crossup attempts. You can get a fatal counter with this, and will always achieve max damage in a combo. Wallbounces an opponent in fatal counter state.


Best standing range. Can be utilized as a decent poke. Terrible recovery.


(Cancelable) Great range for an anti-air, but can be completely unreliable at times.


A simple jump kick that can crossup.


The most reliable normal for jump-ins and air-to-air.


Jumping normal with downward hitbox. You'll be using this if you're not using j.B. Can be used as an Instant overhead.

Command Normals


(FATAL) Overhead kick. Causes fatal counter.

  • FC: Ground Bounce

(FATAL) Anti-air kick. Causes air fatal counter.

  • FC: Launcher

(FATAL) Shoulder tackle. Has decent range. Causes fatal counter.

  • FC: Wall Bounce

(FATAL, Cancelable) A Medium speed sweep with decent range.

Special Moves

Note: All calculations below are from raw damage.

Ryuugeki - 236ABC

Spear stabs. A, B, and C is 3 hits. EX is 6 hits. EX version can not be teched if you hit your opponent in the air. All versions causes untechable knockdown during fatal counter state. Each version has it's own speed, with C being the slowest, and EX being the fastest.

A = 1320 (Counter = 1370)

B = 1440 (Counter = 1500)

C = 1560 (Counter = 1620)

EX = 1700 (Counter = 1750)

Ryuuga - 623ABC

Dragon kick. A is an anti-air and has guard breaking properties. B is barely in the air, but sends Chouun forward. C is a slide. EX is a better A version in terms of vertical and horizontal distance, and can even place the opponent in a FC state, but can not break guards. B and C versions only knockdown on counter hit; C being untechable.

A and C = 1200 (Counter = 1320)

B = 1000 (Counter = 1100)

EX = 1600 (Fatal Counter = 1760)

Souryuusei - 22ABC

Chouun knocks the opponent in the air and performs some stylish stabs with her spear. Each version contains 7 hits. Can beat out poorly timed jump-ins and works as an anti-crossup. EX version has invulnerable frames, but slow startup. Using this as an ender is probably the best way to utilize this special move during combos, as it leaves you at neutral.

A = 1460 (Counter = 1510)

  • Most Range

B = 1510 (Counter = 1560)

C = 1560 (Counter = 1620)

  • Most Damage

EX = 1860 (Counter = 1940)


Seiun Shinmyougeki - 2363214C

Chouun lunges forward with her spear. Above-average range. Always leaves your opponent in the corner of the direction you're facing on hit. 2 hits; the second hit placing the opponent in a crumple state, which gives you an opportunity for some extra hits.

Damage = 2240 (Counter = 2320)

Kachou Kenzan - 236B+C

Chouun charges at her opponent, stands on her head, puts on her Butterfly Mask, and starts a combo. 9 hits outside of fatal counter.

Damage = 5170 (Minimum), 5720 (Maximum)


Non-Fatal Counter

2A/5A > 22ABC

2A > 22X(22A has most range)

2A > 2A > 2A > 236AB *fewers A'a=more damage

j.xx > 2C/cl.5B/2B/3C > *xx

2B > 623B , 2A > 236A+B (2380 damage, can't be point blank)

2B > 623B , 22A (2480 damage, needs more distance then above combo)

2B > 623B , cl.5B > 22C *Corner only

  • Any special move or non-fatal super

Fatal Counter


Lighting Loop - FATAL , j.C , 6B , dash under (2C > 236A)xN , 5B>C , 3B j.C 236B+C

  • The trick is to delay the 2C so it hits just after they go past you.
  • 9.15k from sweep while cornered.

Lighting Loop Double Dribble - FATAL , j.C , 6B , dash under (2C > 236A)xN , 5B>C,3B , dash under (2C > 236A)xN , 236B+C

Lighting Loop Chain Extension - FATAL , j.C , 6B , dash under (2C > 236A)xN , 236D , delay , 9j.A , (2C > 236A)xN , 5B>C , 3B j.C 236B+C

  • Lighting Loop has been removed in PS3 version stops at 5 reps, I might post a version using the same concept but with new optimal damage...maybe.

FATAL , cl.B>C , 3B , 6B , j.B , j.C , cl.B > xx

FATAL , cl.B>cl.C>3B>6B>j.B>j.C>cl.B>236AB[623AB]>2B>2363214C>66>22C(AB)

FATAL , 8/9j.C , 3B , 9j.C *late as possible , dash cl.5B , 6B , 9j.C/dash under cl.5B , cl.5B > C dash cl.5B > C , 236B+C


Lighting Loop Corner Variation - FATAL , 9j.C , 6B , dash 5B > C , dash 5B > 623A , (2C > 236A)xN , 236B+C

  • You use the dash momentum to hit the 5B on the backside and 623A should come out auto corrected in the other direction and trapping them.
  • Character specific...doesn't seem to work on smalls.
  • You can end this with another chain varation but it's really tricky because of how many reps you have done....and this combo does 9k+ anyways so you almost never need it.
  • See above

FATAL , 9j.C , 6B , 2C > 623B , 3B , step slightly forward , 2C , cl.5B > C , cl.5B > C , 236B+C/[3C > 22C] (7560/5240 damage with 3C starter)


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