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Basic Controls


Joystick Directionals

66 - Run/Hop

44 - Backdash/Backhop

A B C are attack buttons, light, medium and hard respectively.

D is used for throws and throw breaks, as well as the strategist assist.

Fatal Counter System


Each character has access to universal command moves which cause a fatal counter state if they hit an opponent who is attacking.

  • 3B - A launcher attack, usually short range but is the quickest to use.
  • 6B - A slow overhead attack, will cause groundbounce on a counterhit.
  • 3C - A low attack, fairly short range but has the best combo potential when you start with this move.
  • 6C - A slow attack that causes wallbounce on a counterhit.



236D activates your strategist, and uses one meter.

A special move executed with A+B is an EX move and also uses one meter.

2363214C is a super attack executed with three meter.

While your opponent is in a fatal counter state, you may execute a deadly super using 236B+C. This uses up 4 meter.

Shin Koihime Musou