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Ryofu & Chinkyuu


Probably the most fundamental character in this game with very simple and easy to do combos. This character has above average range normals. A really strong anti air that leads to hard knockdown and high damage. A really fast 3B, and a quick cancel-able 3C and doesn't really have any glaring weakness.


  • 2B > 236X (max distance)
  • 2B > 214X>X>X
  • 2B > 623A/B
  • 3C > 623A/B/C
  • 3C > 236A/B
  • 3C > 214X


  • Fatal , (236D) , j.B , 2C , 2C , 2C > 623C , 2B > 214X > X > X , 7j.C , land, 2B > 214A > A > A , 3C > 623C , 2B (6060 damage)
  • Fatal , (236D) , j.B , 2C , 2C , 2C > 623C , 2B > 214X > X > X , 7j.C , land, 2B > 214A > A > A , 236B+C (8000+ damage)


  • Fatal , 2C , 2C , dash , 2C > 623C , 2B > 214C > C > C , j.9C , {2C , 2C > 623C , 2B}/{6B > 623C , 2B > 214C > C > C} (5500 damage)
  • 3B(Fatal) , j.9B , 2C > 623C , 2B > 214C > C > C , j.9C , {2C , 2C > 623C , 2B}/{6B > 623C , 2B > 214C > C > C} (4970 damage)

Move List

Normal Moves


(Cancelable) Fast deceptively long range jab, too bad you can't combo into anything but more jabs. Pushes back into f.5B 2B range.


(Cancelable) A crouching version of 5A with a bit less range and pushes back more.


Fast air to air, you can use this to crossup, but you are probably better off using j.2C. Limited use.


Really good range 5B.


(Cancelable) close range mid slash, mostly used to punish unsafe moves.


(Cancelable) Bit less range than 5B, but low and comboable.


Ryofu's main jump in. Can be used as an instant overhead.


(Guard Break) Super slow super long range, 2600 damage normal that guard breaks. Warning completely free to jumping, and unsafe on standblock.


Very similar to 5B but a bit slower does slightly more damage and is a bit better on block.


(Cancelable) Fast uppercut, great anti air and combo filler.

  • FC: Causes Launcher

Amazing air to air that does tons of damage.

  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce

Command Normals


(FATAL) Universal overhead, it's fairly visible and has no low crush be wary of just throwing it out.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce

(FATAL) Extremely fast launcher with good range.

  • FC: Causes Launcher

(FATAL) Generic forward moving fatal, has a solid hitbox, but no really special properties.

  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce

(FATAL) (Cancelable) Quicker sweep then most but not much range.


Your best crossup jump in, does okay damage despite having a similar look to j.C.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce.

Special Moves

Bouko Hyouga - 236ABC

A dash punch it has fantastic range and a weird hitbox. Used for max range combos and useful footsie tool. Guard crushes on crouch blocking leaving you at plus frames. Unsafe against standing. Stronger versions are slower but deal more damage.

  • EX Version

Fatals and has some invun near startup.

  • EX FC: Causes Ground Bounce

Gouhou Rairaku - 623ABC

Very strong anti air option, and your highest damaging special.

  • FC: Stagger??? you can combo a 2B afterwards.
  • EX Version: Slow gimmicky unblockable.
Ikki Tousen - 214ABC

Rekka, first hit is normally safe, 2nd and 3rd will get punched. C version covers more ground but is slower, A covers less but is faster.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce
  • EX Version: Ryofu's reversal, very unsafe on block.


Tenka Muteki - 2363214C

TIGER GENOCIDE, one of the few raw supers that is unsafe on block.

Shinku no Ryoki - 236B+C

Lv4... combo into this after 2 hits of the rekka so 214C>C, 236B+C


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