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SF1MR doesn't possess too much in the way of complex movement tech, but the basics will be listed here.

Walk Speed Ranking:

Walk Speed Ranking
Character Speed
Fastest Geki 3.0
Fastest Lee 3.0
Fast Retsu 2.7
Fast Joe 2.7
Slightly Faster Ryu 2.5
Slightly Faster Ken 2.5
Slightly Faster Cody 2.5
Average Adon 2.4
Average Birdie 2.4
Average Eagle 2.4
Average Gen 2.4
Average Mike 2.4
Average Sagat 2.4

Running speed is calculated by simply adding to the walkspeed, so the ranking for run speed are the exact same as walking. Running will carry momentum to your jumps and your normals, and by holding down you can slide for a bit after a run as well. However, you cannot immediately act out of a run. Running jumps cover much more ground a lot faster, making them very reliable fireball punishes.

Backdashes cause a short hop into the air backwards, unlike runs. These hops are not actionable, but they do hop over low moves and some fireballs. Backdashes are universal in terms of duration and height, and all of them come off the ground on frame 1. This doesn't necessarily save you from combos, as spin-out is still a juggleable state. You also cannot airblock during a backdash, so backdash into chicken block is not possible.

Defense and Damage

Characters each have a defense and a damage value. These are fairly universal, with a few notable exceptions. These values both add to scaling, so characters with higher damage values deal more damage per hit with less scaling, and vice versa for lower damage. Defense is the same, but in reverse, so characters with a high defense rating have more effective health.

Attack Rating
Character Attack
Highest Birdie 140
Very High Sagat 120
Average Ryu 100
Average Retsu 100
Average Joe 100
Average Ken 100
Average Geki 100
Average Gen 100
Average Mike 100
Average Eagle 100
Average Cody 100
Average Adon 100
Low Lee 80
Defense Rating
Character Defense
Highest Sagat 155
High Birdie 110
Average Ryu 100
Average Retsu 100
Average Lee 100
Average Joe 100
Average Ken 100
Average Geki 100
Average Gen 100
Average Mike 100
Average Eagle 100
Average Cody 100
Average Adon 100


Unlike most games where taunting is there as a cosmetic, they serve a vital purpose in SF1MR. On most characters, taunting will give you a full bar of meter; on others, they have invulnerability frames. Characters have variable speeds of taunts, affecting how likely they are to set it up in a real match.

Taunt Classification:

Taunt Classification
Character Speed Type
Fastest Sagat 20f Meter Build
Fast Cody 24f Invuln
Average Ryu 30f Meter Build
Average Retsu 30f Meter Build
Average Joe 30f Meter Build
Average Ken 30f Meter Build
Average Eagle 30f Meter Build
Slightly Slower Lee 41f Meter Build
Slightly Slower Geki 41f Invuln
Slow Gen 50f Meter Build
Slowest Birdie 55f Meter Build
Slowest Mike 55f Meter Build
Slowest Adon 55f Meter Build

Combos and Cancels

SF1MR works on a special and super cancel system, but also on a universal normal cancelling system, sometimes called gatlings. Everyone has these specific cancels, and a few rare additional normal cancels exist as well. Adding in normal cancels alongside the many links and special cancellable normals makes for diverse and simple combo building.

Basic Gatling Chart:

5A > 5C
2A > 2B/2C/2D
5B > 5D
2B > 2D

A basic rule is that standing light goes to standing heavy, while 2A goes to any crouching button. 2A is generally not special cancellable to make up for this. A light gatling into a heavy isn't necessarily guaranteed to combo, so test all of your possibilities to see what gatling is most useful for a situation. Some unique gatlings are Lee 2B > 2C and Cody 5A > 5B > 5C > 5D.

Quick Rise, Air Tech, and Knockdowns

There are a few different kinds of knockdowns present in SF1MR, defined here individually.

Hard Knockdown: This is the most common type of knockdown, caused by most specials. During any frame of a hard knockdown, you can press any button to Quick Rise, which will immediately cause your character to get up. This can be delayed as much as the player wishes. During the fall of a hard knockdown, the opponent can still be juggled by certain juggle friendly specials (i.e. Sagat 2D > 214B), but this will sometimes incur an air soft knockdown.

Air Hard Knockdown: The same as above, but these moves will cause a hard knockdown even on an air connect. This is generally reserved for anti-air specials like a Shoryuken, but otherwise maintains all the normal hard knockdown properties. This is listed separately as it is the least common type of knockdown from the air.

Spin-out: The more common type of air knockdown. Often caused by anti-air normals or air-to-airs, and some specials. Unlike other games, spin-out is not invincible from frame 1, and instead has a small period where you can juggle for a combo. This allows some characters to anti-air with moves like 2C and cancel for high reward, i.e. Eagle anti-air 2C > 214C.

Air Soft Knockdown: Also called airtech knockdown. This is an in-between of the above two options. During an air soft knockdown, the opponent can press any 4 buttons to tech, similar to an anime fighting game like Guilty Gear. This is a bit rare, and is usually incurred when you combo into a move that normally causes a spin-out, such as an air normal. For example, Eagle can easily combo a j.D after any 214C, but this will allow the opponent to tech out, giving him no okizeme potential but instead allowing him to techchase. Some specials will also normally incur an air soft knockdown, such as Ken's 236P Hadouken.